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The use of this wiki is bound to our general disclaimer.

It should be clarified that there is no guarantee that information kept on this wiki is wholly accurate or up-to-date. We do not take responsibility for the actions of individuals who use the information contained within this wiki in irresponsible, harmful or otherwise detrimental ways. All of our information comes from either public sources or the writers themselves. We do not release information that was obtained via espionage or unauthorized access for example. Our role is to assimilate information.

Researchers may also be interested in Research: Disclaimer for authors.

Living persons

All information concerning biographies of living persons on NewgonWiki has been garnered from public sources. We make it available so that individuals may be held accountable for their actions, or given a chance to redress misinformation. We denounce any attempt to harass, injure or otherwise harm a person who is profiled on NewgonWiki.

Using our resources

Our resources may be quoted or copied in their entirety, but we would appreciate that you provide some kind of reference or link back to our resource, and display this prominently, wherever the copies have been displayed. We would also appreciate it if web-masters who quote or find our resources useful on a regular basis, display a permanent link in their blog or information resource.

None of this applies to copying quotes from research review pages into essays for example - we fully understand why attributing the collection of multiple quotes to NewgonWiki would be inappropriate in this instance.