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We have archived some material that has value, but no role in our existent projects. We also link out to some important archived material, making this our de-facto links list for those who can't stop reading. We welcome readers to make secondary archives. We have ongoing projects such as research that could benefit from a good reading of texts such as GUS and the research resource list below, so please consider volunteering your time, or even making a donation. Those who are interested in streamlining/activating the information in these links can make submissions via the chat or email linked in the above article.

See also Category:Archival and Chronological Archive.

Core external archives

See also: Research Resources, or for a more modern/social list of resources, Minor attracted community.

There are many different types of archive covering our subject. Most of them specialize in a particular area, and if the hosting is known to be secure, we generally do not duplicate their material:

  • Academic (general). Ipce covers this particular area. We consider it to be ally-led and secure, so we do not copy its articles. One researcher has published their extensive collection on Google Drive.
  • Academic (Anthropology). Growing Up Sexually - GUS - Janssen's large world atlas of child sexual development and experiences. Many sources. We consider this to be a secure archive, and many copies exist. Also see archived Haeberle sexology site and his present.
  • History of pederasty, BL entertainment/culture and classical literature. BoyWiki is usually on top of this particular subject. Securely hosted.
  • Greek Love - Enormous archive of reading on Pederasty historical and recent. Hosted securely by Edmund, a BL community member, but this site contains plenty of information that must eventually be summarized and deployed in a more concise form by Newgon. Our review of the site. Photographic content may vary in legality according to jurisdiction and interpretation of statutes.
  • BL Library - Presents a variety of books and magazines, some of which can be found elsewhere, and some not. Legality of photographic content may vary according to jurisdiction. In one instance, a publisher offers his work to incarcerated Boy Lovers, free of the usual imagery.
  • Video. FST is an online video service, which is increasingly being used an archive because of its advantageous hosting arrangements. FST is not an "alt-tech/alt-social" website in the mold of Gettr or Parler, and is in fact operated by a mixture of allies, including free speech supporters.
  • News. archived news up until recently, along with quotes, writings and old magazines, etc. Heretics News Agency lists more up-to-date news articles.
  • See also PedOpEds - Headlines and excerpts only, 2004/05 and NewsStand - Late 00s.
  •, mentioned above, is also home to lots of archived magazines (NL/EN), articles etc. These often contain news leads - for example, Alice Lovers Magazine. Newgon is seeking to establish a news archiving system focusing on MAP politics and running as far back as the 1970s. We can privately advise on leads, should any serious researcher be willing to take this up.

Further MAP Reading

See also, our list of Essays.


We have also compiled a series of historically-relevant lists, many of which mention archives or publications/material that might one day be rediscovered and publicly archived:

Unusual appeal/personal sites

Formerly Newgon project content

All of these have now fallen dormant, and have been de-indexed/de-prioritised due to potentially being out of date:

Former Wikipedia

All of the following have been significantly enriched by good articles censored by administrators at Wikipedia: