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This is an organized, ethnological study of memes by, and about MAPs from various political and apolitical perspectives. While this archive is considered largely complete, we will consider exceptional and notable examples for inclusion.

In addition to the informational memes on this page, research graphics can be found at this index, or on their respective research pages.

Traditional memes have search tags; press control+F on your keyboard and type in a search term.

Memes, graphics and artwork are presented here for discussion, deliberation and modification. We do not endorse any meme, and have tried to reflect the breadth of material on our subject - some of which may confront conservative stereotypes of the MAP Movement as a project solely of the political left. The organizational logo may be present on material designed or not designed by its members, or members of spin-off groups, as per our ethos. Some memes mobilize and redeploy narratives usually deemed hostile to MAPs, since they are designed for use in explicitly hostile venues. Material reproduced here is therefore not to be confused with Newgon's editorial.

If you are the verified author of any content featured here, and wish to be credited, please email us.

The MAP Flag

The concept underlying the MAP Flag was seen as early as 2009 and it resurfaced (or was spontaneously recoined) in 2018, gathering widespread social media attention after a campaign by NOMAPs on Tumblr. It has been re-imagined twice by Jim Burton - most recently as a horizontal gradient.


MAP Flag variations and memes

The MAP Flag has already been used in numerous good-faith social media profiles of MAPs, but also by activists in campaigns that deliberately troll opponents, both in favor of, and in antagonism against MAPs.

Simple/Traditional memes

Traditional memes convey a short and salient message in a graphic. MAPs have been memed with (some would say) surprising success, and broadly throughout the internet. This is only a very narrow selection of the material that has been seen from various quarters. Our own research graphics can be found at this index, or on their respective research pages.

The MAP Identity

In addition to graphics and symbols in the lead section of this archive, a number of memes reference the MAP Identity, its development, public perceptions and internal issues.

Youth Autonomy/Rights/Liberation

The autonomy, capacities and liberation of youth are all likely to be crucial battlegrounds for MAPs,, AAMs and their Allies over the next few decades. Another way of describing this, is fighting ageism. Anti-ageist memes are dotted around our categories, and the following are explicitly anti-ageist.

CSA Absurdism and Professional Hypocrisy

A large number of MAP and MAP-Adjacent memes expose and magnify the absurdism of narratives around safeguarding, abuse, trauma and child protection. In some cases, the hypocritical beliefs of professionals and "experts" are given special treatment.

Responding to Antis (and their hypocrisy)

Some responses to anti-MAP sympathies are also included under "redeploying hostile discourses" and the sections on conservatives, liberals and CSA Absurdism.

Responding to Western Hypocrisy

Criticism of overbearing and sometimes absurd anglo-american moral and legal norms has been a mainstay of MAP memes.

Responding to Conservatives (and their hypocrisy)

Conservative hostility to MAPs has been a feature of many historical cultures, but formed as a visible movement in the 1970s, with campaigns from Anita Bryant, Mary Whitehouse, Lloyd Martin and Judianne Densen-Gerber among others. The "Chud" wojak (Chudjak) is a mainstay of conservative depictions in present-day meming, and has sometimes been used to ridicule conservative anti-MAPs.

Progress and Normalization

A common claim of conservative anti-MAPs is that we are seeing a covert agenda of "pedophile normalization". While this optimistic outlook does not match the lived experience of most MAPs, we have seen memes and graphics that play with the idea by situating MAPs within the broader liberal paradigm of "social progress", or unapologetically attempt to normalize attraction to minors.

Responding to Liberals/Leftists (and their hypocrisy)

Liberal and Leftist points of view are varied on the topic of MAPs, but tend to range from mild disapproval, thru denial, to silenced embarrassment in the face of hearty conservative uproar. Often, MAPs (who have benefitted from collaboration with gay leftist movements in the past) are left by would-be allies to a fate determined solely by political optics. Thus, liberal and leftist discourses on MAPs sometimes refer to the questionable concept of social (in)validity, something the LGBT section also addresses.

Responding to the LGBT Lobby (and its hypocrisy)

Validity Policing and hypocrisy from the LGBT Lobby is a common experience of online MAPs. This follows expedient political maneuvres in the 1980s and 90s, in which the LGBT Lobby responded to conservative anti-MAP scare campaigns by distancing MAPs. See also, some of the responses to Liberals.

Responding to Lolicons (and their hypocrisy)

While some find it tiring, a Lolicon-MAP Equivalence Debate is ongoing throughout civilian political circles on social media. The following memes typify the MAP response to Western Lolicons who mobilize shipping discourse to deny they are attracted to youth.

Redeploying hostile discourses

A considerable part of online MAP discourse centers on the redeployment of predominant elitist, authoritarian and extremist narratives sometimes used to attack MAPs. While this has led to the embarrassment and triggering of antis on social media, it is worth noting that some members of the community are ethically opposed to the idea of adopting problematic ideas inconsistent with personal, theoretical conceptions of social justice. These concerns have also been voiced in situations where MAPs enter "enemy territory" and unironically imitate disruptive/contrarian members of another group, such as 4Chan Groypers.

When MAPs met StoneToss

Much has been written (and unwritten) about the controversial online political cartoonist, StoneToss. While our series file keeps track of various originals and knock-offs (originality can be verified at the comic's site), a few examples follow. It should be noted that some members of the community found the very idea of copying StoneToss as a style problematic and offensive, due to the views of its creator.

Quotes and Miscellany

The below memes can be applied to the debates covered on this page, and many more besides.

Informational memes

Larger flyers

Logical Fallacies series

See our Debate Guide article on the subject.

Positive memories

Stories about positive memories from verified sources.

Anti-MAPs who were caught with their pants down

There exist numerous examples of stridently anti-pedophile men, who themselves ended up being exposed for their "pedophilic" and "hebephilic" inclinations. These are sometimes used in online banter, and by activists.

Anti memes

These memes have been produced by antis (usually on Twitter or Facebook). You can use these memes to take advantage of hate and anger - spreading awareness of MAPs. Setting up an account as a hostile anti might actually be a way of avoiding censorship on certain platforms. It also gives us control over how the debate is "framed".

Basic material


Our pamphlet, "Minor-Attracted People (MAPs), Just the facts", is intended to look like plain and dowdy propaganda (until you look inside). Previews and PDF available. You may have to experiment with "fitting to page width" or "scaling" to get the folds to go bang down the center, but we have done most of the work for you.

Download full PDF


We have a short guide on pamphleting, and some of our older material is still archived there. Hopefully, this will be an inspiration for future efforts, or reworking of old material.

Media flyers

These are small publications that can be emailed to target groups, such as media organizations, or sent to their social media accounts.