A Perfect World

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A Perfect World by Clint Eastwood, 1993

A Perfect World is a 1993 film directed by Clint Eastwood and starring Kevin Costner and Eastwood himself. The film is set in Texas in the early 1960s and follows the story of an escaped convict named Butch Haynes (played by Costner) who takes a young boy named Phillip Perry (played by T.J. Lowther) hostage as he tries to flee to Mexico.

The film has been controversial for its portrayal of the relationship between Butch and Phillip, which some critics have argued could be seen as romanticizing a kidnapper and criminal. Others have praised the film for its nuanced exploration of the characters and their complex emotions and motivations, and defended the film as a thoughtful and challenging exploration of morality and the human condition. Overall, "A Perfect World" remains a divisive and thought-provoking film that continues to spark debate and discussion.

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