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Reduxx Magazine (, f. Jan 2022) is a "radical" (i.e. socially conservative) feminist tabloid news webmagazine, presenting bizarre and extreme stories from a TERF and anti-MAP perspective. It follows the "made for social media" format, with journalists regularly appearing on (@ReduxxMag, and under their own handles) after a story is published. Due to the hateful and degrading nature of these comment threads (which mirror both the patterns of cringe culture and grooming hysteria), Reduxx has regularly been described as a hate campaign by trans activists.

Launched in January, 2022 with "the intention of creating a truly pro-woman, pro-child safeguarding platform that [provides] high-quality news and opinion on the stories the mainstream media ignores", Anna Slatz and Genevieve Gluck are the founders of Reduxx. Slatz, an admirer of Scientology founder L.Ron Hubbard[1] and Wilhelm Reich, has been criticized in the past for what others deemed to be collaboration with a Nazi author.[2] She has been unequivocal in her endorsement of violence and vigilante murder on social media.

Reduxx counts a number of social media controversies among the stories it has broken. These include Twitter pile-ons surrounding Prostasia Foundation, Virtuous Pedophiles, and historical Academic figures such as John Money, Michel Foucault and Volkmar Sigusch.


Reduxx frequently publishes defamatory information about MAPs, or those who they suspect of being MAPs, for example, implying that Jacob Breslow is a pedophile. Less critical inaccuracies have included claiming that Marthijn Uittenbogaard founded Vereniging MARTIJN, and that the PNVD was "formally disbanded" by the Dutch Government.[3]


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