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Boylove Manifesto

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The Boylove Manifesto is a German document that was written in 1997 by jay_h. It was a declaration of boylove, boylovers, and of the point of view of boylovers on their right to exist and the rights that should be afforded to boys. Full text is available at Text of the Boylove Manifesto.

Historical background

When the Boylove Manifesto was written in 1997, the online boylove community was still at an early stage. The BLogo had been designed by Kalos. However, despite the significant progress made in promoting a positive identity for boylovers, the future of boylove on the Internet seemed uncertain; many of the early Web sites had gone offline, and the BoyChat Steering Committee had not yet reformed into the Free Spirits Committee.

There were many advocates of the idea of boylove as a natural part of human nature, and the responsibilities of men who took on the role of mentor to a boy. Jay_h wrote a manifesto one dark and sleepless night after he had just begun fighting for the rights of boylovers. The document claimed "This manifesto expresses the opinions of its author. The boylover does not exist. There are as many opinions among boylovers as there are men!"

Nevertheless, the document became exceedingly popular and was translated into seven other languages. It was spread around the Internet and was very well known by both boylovers and opponents of boylove. In the years following its publication, variants appeared online that changed some of the text and sometimes expressed opinions that the original author did not agree with. Although this distressed him, there was nothing he could do to stop it.

Current views

While the Boylove Manifesto gives a good insight into the feelings of boylovers in 1997, it also holds up remarkably well as an example of a responsible, conscientious opinion about how boylovers and boys should be treated.

The views of the author have changed somewhat in the past eight years and now that he no longer fights for BL rights, he feels that there are a lot of wrong intentions in the Boylove Manifesto. He agreed that because he wrote it once and it inspired others, it is perhaps an important document in the history of the online boylove community, and so has granted BoyWiki permission to reproduce the text online.

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