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Children of the Night is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization founded in 1979 by Dr. Lois Lee, to fight prostitution involving children.

"Our commitment to rescuing these children from the ravages of prostitution is shared with a small but committed group of detectives, FBI agents, and prosecutors in Los Angeles, Hollywood, Santa Ana, Anaheim, San Diego, other areas of California, Las Vegas, Portland, Billings, Montana; Seattle, Washington; Miami, New York, Minneapolis, Atlanta, Phoenix, Hawaii and Washington D.C. — all stops on the child prostitution circuit"

The organisation, like others - makes (on the whole) exaggerated claims about the sufferings of under-age prostitutes, receives donations from the public and assists law enforcement. On the provisional side, CotN acts as a safe-house for the teenagers who they have "saved".

Confirmation as to how most teens end up at CotN is perhaps realised in this quote from their site:

"Many children voluntarily opt to stay for a year for optimum treatment; 13-yearolds may stay until they are 18." ["As opposed" - Emphasis NewgonWiki]

It is highly unlikely that this charity's claims regarding prostitution have much grounding in reality. They appear to be wildly different to our own correspondent's street-level observations of what is a far more socially complex issue.

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