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Essay:The Zionists Are Our Enemies

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This is an official statement on the 2023 conflict between Israel and Palestine by moderators of PCMA. The following essay is also available in ODT format, with PGP signatures. See section #Files below.


From the Moderators of Pro-Choice MAP Activists (PCMA):

In light of current events, we thought it would be germane to release a statement regarding the atrocities that being unveiled before the world. We understand that any time anything of note happens there is considerable pressure to take a stance on a particular issue, to side for, or, against the new “current thing.” It is our perspective that this type of pressure to follow the politics of the moment and to tail MAP perspectives onto this or that broadly anti-MAP political faction has been a factor keeping MAPs distracted and pacified in the struggle against Antis. We deviate here from this general stance regarding the need for the MAP movement to be self-determining and independent for reasons that we hope to make clear. Let it be said, that at this moment, this does not change our general commitment to freedom of expression, even for stances that the mod team finds repugnant, such as full-throated support for Israel's current war. Nor do we see a need to alter this stance for the foreseeable future given the EXTREME unpopularity and/or indifference towards Zionism that we have seen both within PCMA and childlove.space.
First, it should be said that verbal statements made by Israel's leadership and documents released by its government have amount to a shockingly open and public confession of premeditated ethnic cleansing of the Gaza territory. On November 12th, Israeli Agriculture Minister Avi Dichter proclaimed “We are now rolling out the Gaza Nakba.” The term Nakba (Arabic for catastrophe) refers to the expulsion of 750,000 Palestinians from the British mandate territory by Zionist settlers during the foundation of Israel. Dichter, as if steelmanning his statement against the human capacity to incline towards denial or disbelief in the face of moral horror returned to a menacing repetition of the theme, “Gaza Nakba 2023. That's how it'll end.” Dichter, a former director of Israel's FBI-equivalent known as Shin Bet, would go on to admit to genocidal intent on the part of the Israeli by stating “I don't know how it'll end up happening” when asked if Gazans would be allowed to return to their homes. It should be noted that all scholars of the Holocaust acknowledge that the decision to annihilate European Jews and the planning to carry it out was kept top secret by the Nazi state. No statement from Hitler, public or otherwise, exists where he admits his intention to exterminate the Jewish people entirely. At this late date, we can say with firm confidence that such a statement will never be found; one also struggles with great difficulty to find openly genocidal public statements from other top Nazis. Suffice it to say, that the situation in the present Israel-Palestine war is much worse than the mainstream media has led Western publics to believe. Since this is the position openly staked out by Israeli ministers in this early phase of the war it hardly requires suspension of disbelief to think that behind closed doors there is talk of genocide in the strictest sense of the term, e.g. extermination of a population through mass killing. Proof that this may actually be the case was furnished after Netanyahu was forced to suspend an ultra-right wing minister after he openly pronounced that dropping one of Israel's allegedly non-existent nuclear weapons on Gaza was an option.
As casualties mount among the IDF during its current campaign to lay siege and occupy the Gaza territory it seems likely that the current war, which is already turning Gaza city into a charnel house where 11,000 people among them 4,000 children have been slaughtered, will radicalize into a more violent war with targeted mass killing of civilians. Already, Israel has killed more civilians in a month than Putin's Russia has killed in nearly two years of war in Ukraine, a much more populous country that had also undergone prewar militarization to a greater extent. As of this writing, Israel has bombed at least seven hospitals, two of them children's hospitals, and three refugee camps. The notion that Israel is not targeting civilians and is attempting to avoid civilian deaths strains credibility. A particularly heinous incident is the admission by an IDF spokesman in an interview with Wolf Blitzer that an air strike on the Jabalia refugee camp that killed more than one hundred civilians was done to kill one Hamas leader with full knowledge that civilians were present. After this open admission of a war crime, the same camp would be bombed by Israeli forces two more times.
The present Israeli-Gaza war has been the subject of the vastest campaign of systemic censorship, blatant propaganda, mainstream media lies and misinformation in living memory. Indeed, there are fewer divisions among the Western elite when it comes to the present Israel-Palestine War than there were regarding the US invasion of Iraq when major US allies like France and Germany declined to participate. The Trotskyist World Socialist Website freely admits the developed world is more or less united: “Israel, with the support of all the imperialist powers in the US-NATO axis, is carrying out a genocide in Gaza.” We can rest assured that this publication, which follows the teachings of the Russian-Jewish Revolutionary Leon Trotsky and regularly calls for Open Borders while criticizing right wing anti-semites, are probably not secret adherents to the White Nationalist theory of a Zionist Occupied Government (known as ZOG) existing either in the US or in the wider Western world. But terminology aside, the effect is the same, as the West is increasingly flirting with World War III and potential economic collapse in the event of a new Arab oil embargo. Futures traders are watching the conflict nervously fearing that it may expand into a regional war – it is not out of the question that a fear-based speculative run on oil may result in a form of economic suicide as advanced economies crumble in the face of high energy prices. Israel is not an asset to the US or the EU even from the perspective of their own strategic resource-based interests, but a massive strategic liability. And real discussion of that point is not only systemically kept out of the media, but gate-kept out of even pro-Palestinian leftist spaces by politically-correct leftists.
The Zionists have been the foremost practitioners of Censorship and Cancel Culture since the end of World War II, advocating for both state and non-state backed censorship, shunning, guilt-by-association and McCarthyist economic retaliation for speech, state-funded propaganda on their behalf, and much more. Wherever they have gotten the upper-hand it has always meant more censorship and not less. We need not reach for any “ancient history” here, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu proudly boasted of this fact on Twitter (now X) on February 12th 2020: “In recent years, we have promoted laws in most US states, which determine that strong action is to be taken against whoever tries to boycott Israel.” In other words, those who choose not to do business with Israel or who call for the economic boycott of Israel can be punished for that decision and that speech in 37 US states; meanwhile, 72% of Americans oppose laws punishing citizens and companies for boycotting Israel.
While multiple federal courts have ruled that such laws are a violation of Free Speech, the present Republican dominated Supreme Court has simply declined to review challenges to their constitutionality. Lest anyone fall prey to the conservative temptation to view these laws as merely “cancelling the cancelers,” it should be noted that we are in midst of perhaps the biggest wave of McCarthyist “cancellation” since the McCarthy hearings. Americans, particularly academics and students, are losing their jobs and job offers over their stance on Israel, as well as their right to peaceful protest and assembly. The Zionists and their allies make no pretense about the fact that their speech stance is based on raw power: critics of Israel and Jews should be censored and fired, prosecuted too, if possible, while promoting laws that would prevent anyone else from doing likewise against them. What makes the current Culture Wars all the more into a sick joke is the fact that people have been fired for mostly benign comments on race, gender, and sexuality, whereas no supporter of Zionism has been fired for advocating genocide against the Palestinians or supporting the present war. The far-Right and anti-semitic National Justice Party issued a penetrating remark illustrating the hollowness of present discourse on wokeness and cancel culture: “The conservative theory that America has been taken hostage by the moral and protest power of [the] academic left has been thoroughly debunked. Anti-Israel students using their tried and true protest playbook — sit-ins, pushing cops around, intimidation of opponents — are now facing mass arrests all over the country, revealing that America’s leaders were only pretending to be afraid of them.”
In Europe, the state of the freedom of expression and protest has become increasingly dire. The worst offender has been France, where President Macron banned pro-Palestinian protests almost immediately after the outbreak of the conflict. A former Rothschild banker, Macron is widely hated and derided in France as the president of the rich, and it is no surprise that the French people did not heed his prohibitions which has led the French senate to propose a bill that would make an insult against the state of Israel a crime punishable by up to two years in prison and a fine of €75,000 Euros. But, the ruling class of France is not alone, in Britain, the home secretary Suella Braverman argued that flying the Palestinian flag or chanting the pro-Palestinian slogan “from the river to the sea, Palestine shall be free!” could be prosecuted as a hate crime. Historically-speaking, Britain has long interpreted its unwritten constitution in a manner that puts its stance on freedom speech closer to American standards than to continental European ones, it is clear that for the ruling class of Britain this relative leniency is more and more a problem to be fixed through creative legal reinterpretation and raw police action. The German government under social democrat Olaf Schulz, widely considered the worst German prime minister in post-WWII history, has been equally slavish, banning most pro-Palestinian protests, dissolving a group that expressed support for Hamas by judicial fiat, and seeking to deport potentially pro-Palestinian demographics from Germany en masse. It appears that the European elite cares more for the state of Israel than it does about Democracy, Free Speech, or even their own countries! Citizens and residents of Britain, France, and Germany appear to be free to denounce their countries as racist colonialist oppressors with no redeeming qualities that should be burned to the ground but when it comes to Israel? Now that's a different story!
This moment is not just the opportunity to stand up for the values of free speech and expression, that we believe in but also an opportunity to payback our enemies for their persecution of MAPs. An avowed enemy of MAPs, Republican Florida governor and Presidential Candidate Ron DeSantis pushed through legislation that criminalized criticism of Israel. Sardonically known as “Zion Ron” in far-right circles, DeSantis is a massive booster of the state of Israel, going so far as to sign a bill criminalizing criticism of Israel while being present physically in Israel. The increasingly legally embattled and likely GOP candidate for president Donald Trump (also known as “Zion Don”), is another fanatical Zionist who ended decades of US policy to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in place of Tel Aviv. Lest we forget, it was Donald Trump and the Qanon cult he boosted, that set off a firestorm of anti-MAP hatred from the Right that has contributed to rising hateful attitudes towards MAPs and intolerance of difference of opinion on MAPs among the youth.
Joe Biden's cynical backing for the current Gaza slaughter has earned him a new nickname – “Genocide Joe” – quite a change in tone from the clownish and quasi-endearing “Brandon.” There is no doubt that Joe Biden leads a party that are avowed enemies of MAPs. In fact, one new development in the legal persecution of minor attracted people is a bill introduced by the Democrats, passed with bipartisan support, that ends the statute of limitations at the national scale for real and perceived victims of CSA. In other words, real or perceived MAPs will be asked to recall the details of alleged events that in some states have passed their criminal statute of limitations decades ago, and if they are poor they will have no right to representation. Those that can pay out of pocket, will likely deplete their meagre savings or waste their near career end earnings, and will find that winning a case does not stave off going broke, since the US legal system does not mandate that the plaintiff pay any legal fees if they lose a case. Similar Democrat legislation along these lines, includes the Democratic governor of Louisiana signing a bill mandating similar penalties for possession of AI-generated child pornography as possession of actual child pornography involving real children. The Democrats in Florida's state senate also voted for Ron DeSantis's Death Penalty bill.
In these dark times, what Biden represents to us MAPs may be more potent than anything he has done to us so far. He represents the 1980s Reagan Democrat who joined with Republican colleagues throughout the 80s and 90s, in a massive bipartisan effort that took minor attracted people from being comparatively tolerated, to being possibly the most stigmatized and criminalized sexual minority that has ever existed within the history of Modern Western Democracies. His efforts to reinvigorate this stale neoliberal 80s era consensus, a consensus against us, has lead him down the path of becoming an active accomplice and conspirator in the greatest foreign policy crime in this century. Its clear that Genocide Joe must go.
MAPs and all caring people should note that Gaza's population is extremely young, with 44% of the population being 14 or below. The planned expulsion and even extermination of at least a million children should provoke outrage and hatred in every child lover. We MAPs have no ties to the system, we are effectively locked out of it, and we are not allowed to post our opinions on any large long established social network. Already, the Biden administration is discussing deploying US soldiers alongside IDF soldiers in the Gaza invasion. Already they have deployed to carrier groups back up Israel and deter any outside interference from Iran or other regional military actors in Israel's planned ethnic cleansing. The risk that MAPs residing in Western countries will be propagandized or drafted to fight in this escalating conflict is not small, particularly if Israel begins to lose the war or if it becomes a touchstone for a wider regional conflict.
MAPs should refuse to fight wars for a system that hates them, especially wars on behalf of Israel. MAPs should speak out against child killers, including the child killers of the Netanyahu government driven by a heady mix of fundamentalist religion and ultra-nationalism, who are backed to the hilt by world capitalism. At least a few members of our mod team are atheists and reject religion in its entirety, including Judaism, which provides a theological justification for the Israeli state as a Jewish supremacist entity. We do not dictate the opinions that even our mod team must hold when it comes to faith, economics, broader politics, racial issues etc. That the decision to release a statement on the Israel-Palestine conflict met unanimous assent from our moderation team is a solid indication of where MAPs stand.

Our recommendations:

  1. Return freedom of speech to the American and European peoples – this conflict has proven that this right is too important to be left in the hands of the “enlightened” censors
  2. An immediate ceasefire and the cessation of the Gaza blockade
  3. Institute an immediate two-state solution recognizing the West Bank and the Gaza strip as sovereign Palestinian territory
  4. Indict Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Antony Blinken, Rishi Sunak, Emmanuel Macron, and Olaf Scholz alongside Benjamin Netanyahu to stand trial for Crimes Against Humanity


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