Gender Queer: A Memoir

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Gender Queer: A Memoir by Maia Kobabe, 2019

Gender Queer: A Memoir, is a graphic memoir by Maia Kobabe. It tells about nonbinary adolescent’s sexual and gender non-binary experience and fantasies. The book met great controversy and legal issues on appropriateness of depicted sexual scenes, as it contained explicit youth sexuality scenes and some fantasies about sexual contact between minor and adult. The book won some prominent awards and many libraries included the book on the access list for adolescents.

At the same time there was also censorship, with American conservatives and some regressive feminists labeling the book as "pornography", grooming and "promotion of pedophilia". In particular, critics seized upon an illustration based upon a piece of painted ancient Greek pottery depicting a "courting scene" between a man and a boy. As a result of the media-instigated rumpus, the memoir was made illegal in some reactionary states. The censorship was based not only on depiction of youth sexuality or pedophobia, but on homophobia and transphobia as well.

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