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[[Category:Browse]] is the root category for our category systems, and must NOT be added to articles.

Categories are the central functioning unit of around 5 category systems on NW, particularly [[Category:Official Encyclopedia]]. Every article on the Wiki should be added to this one category, unless it is part of another system (e.g. an Essay).

Encyclopedia, and some other articles will also be added to subcategories of [[Category:Official Encyclopedia]]. All of these subcategories are added to Official Encyclopedia by adding [[Category:Official Encyclopedia]] to their wikitext. Each member should then be added to at least one subcategory of [[Category:Official Encyclopedia]] and one of its own subcategories. This will help us avoid atrophy of content as readers progress through the "category tree".

Before proposing new categories, we should imagine what categories our encyclopaedia may need to use in the future. For example, if we have one book review, and this looks like becoming a regular feature, book reviews should be a category. Not all of the categories listed below necessarily exist. To see if a category does exist, please check Special:Categories, adding [[Category:Official Encyclopedia]] to deadlinked (inactive) cats to activate them.


Proposed cats are listed below in groups for easy insertion.

A category is appropriate for an article if the article contains relevant material and its name would look sensible in the category. Unless mentioned (as with "General"), the first category on the cut/paste list is a subcategory of OE and the following ones are its own subcategories:


Default Category (for all encyclopedia articles):

[[Category:Official Encyclopedia]]

General Issues (all are subcategories of [[Category:Official Encyclopedia]] with no further subcategories):

[[Category:Censorship]][[Category:Facts of life]][[Category:Gay]][[Category:Child Advocacy]][[Category:Prostitution]][[Category:Victims' Rights]][[Category:Sociological Theory]][[Category:Child Pornography]][[Category:Cyber Activism]][[Category:Anti-Pedophile culture]][[Category:Hysteria]][[Category:Religion]][[Category:Logic]][[Category:Art]][[Category:Youth]][[Category:TV & Media]][[Category:Queer Theory]]


[[Category:Terminology]][[Category:Terminology: Academic]][[Category:Terminology: MAP]][[Category:Terminology: Popular]][[Category:Terminology: Charity, NGO & "Professional"]]

Testimony (only for Testimony: prefixed pages):

[[Category:Testimony]][[Category:Testimony: Contact]][[Category:Testimony: Non-Contact]]


[[Category:Debate]][[Category:Debating Points: Sociological]][[Category:Debating Points: Minor-Attracted]][[Category:Debating Points: Adults]][[Category:Debating Points: Child/Minor]][[Category:Debating Points: Adult-Minor sex]][[Category: Debate Advice & Technique]]

Also consider - [[Category:Logic]]


[[Category:Research]][[Category:Research on Minor Attraction]][[Category:Research on "Child Molesters"]][[Category:Research into effects on Children]][[Category:Research: Broader Perspectives]][[Category:Research: Victimology and other Pseudoscience]]

Also consider - [[Category:Terminology]][[Category:Terminology: Academic]]


[[Category:People]][[Category:People: INSERT NATIONALITY]][[Category:People: Unknown Nationality]][[Category:People: Deceased]][[Category:People: Academics]][[Category:People: Critical Analysts]][[Category:People: Adult or Minor sexually attracted to or involved with the other]][[Category:People: Ranting AntiPeds]][[Category:People: Sympathetic Activists]][[Category:People: Fence-Sitting Activists]][[Category:People: Unsympathetic Activists]][[Category:People: Artists and Poets]][[Category:People: Popular Authors]][[Category: People: Historical minor-attracted figures]][[Category:People: Pseudoscientists]][[Category:People: Media]][[Category:People: Vigilantes]][[Category:People: Wikipedians]]

Also consider - [[Category:History & Events]][[Category:History & Events: Personal Scandals]]


[[Category:Organisations]][[Category:Organisations: Sympathetic]] [[Category:Organisations: Unsympathetic]][[Category:Organisations: Fence-sitters]][[Category:Organisations: Charity & NGO]][[Category:Organisations: Private]][[Category:Organisations: Public]][[Category:Organisations: Vigilante & Hate]][[Category:Organisations: Web-based]][[Category:Organisations: Real-life]][[Category:Organisations: Defunct]][[Category:Organisations: INSERT NATIONALITY]][[Category:Organisations: International]]


[[Category:Websites]][[Category:Websites: Academic]][[Category:Websites: AntiPed]][[Category:Websites: MAP]][[Category:Websites: Boylove]][[Category:Websites: Girllove]][[Category:Websites: Sympathetic]][[Category:Websites: Generic]]


[[Category:Law/Crime]][[Category:Law/Crime: International]][[Category:Law/Crime: British]][[Category:Law/Crime: American]][[Category:Law/Crime: INSERT NATIONALITY]][[Category:Law/Crime: Crime Types]]

Also consider - [[Category:History & Events]][[Category:History & Events: Real Crime]]

History & Events (main category for articles on events only, subcategories OK for people, orgs as well):

[[Category:History & Events]][[Category:History & Events: British]][[Category:History & Events: American]][[Category:History & Events: INSERT NATIONALITY]][[Category:History & Events: International]][[Category:History & Events: INSERT DECADE XXXXs]] for pre 20thC: [[Category:History & Events: INSERT CENTURY XXth C]][[Category:History & Events: Real Crime]][[Category:History & Events: Personal Scandals]]

Also consider - [[Category:Countries and Cultures]][[Category:Countries and Cultures: Historical]] and [[Category: People]][[Category: People: Historical minor-attracted figures]]

Publications & Documents:

[[Category:Publications & Documents]][[Category:Pubs: Books]][[Category:Pubs: Research/Papers]][[Category:Pubs: Legal]][[Category:Pubs: Magazines & Newspapers]][[Category:Pubs: Political Movement]]

Countries and Cultures:

[[Category:Countries and Cultures]][[Category:Countries and Cultures: Historical]][[Category:Countries and Cultures: Subcultures]]

Also consider - [[Category:Anti-Pedophile culture]]

Unindexed, Uncategorised Newgon Resources (some are subcategories of [[Category:Official Encyclopedia]] with no further subcategories, some are not):

[[Category:Advice]][[Category:Lists and Special Articles]][[Category:Promotional Media]][[Category:Book Reviews]]

Not yet widely used:

Categories we invented a bit later. Please make a judgment on these, but only add each to the main list once the whole site has been scanned for them.

[[Category:Incest]][[Category:Law/Crime: Corruption]][[Category:Terminology: Legal & Law Enforcement]][[Category:Research: Children's Sexuality]][[Category:Organisations: Professional]][[Category:Mental Health Industry]][[Category:History & Events: Moral controversies]][[Category:Websites: Defunct]][[Category:Pubs: Defunct]]

Archival and/or Essay System (these are not part of the encyclopedia):

Any page which goes in these two cat systems will not be added to other categories, e.g. encyclopedia.

[[Category:Archival]] is the root, which has a simple subcategory structure based on a few parameters. Archivists will be familiar with this:

[[Category:Archival: Lists of Archived Material‎]][[Category:Archival: Magazines: INSERT NATIONALITY]][[Category:Archival: Magazines: GL‎]][[Category:Archival: Magazines: Nongendered‎]][[Category:Archival: Magazines: Online‎]][[Category:Archival: Magazines: Whole]][[Category:Archival: Miscellaneous‎]][[Category:Archival: Papers and Essays‎]][[Category:Archival: Political Movement‎]][[Category:Archival: Pre-2010 Literature Excerpts]][[Category:Archival: Rare Books‎]][[Category:Archival: Saved Web Content]]‎

[[Category:Essays]] again is the root of the essay system, for which the only subsequent category is [[Category:Essays: PERSON's Essays]], making this category an index by author. An essay can also be an archive if it is particularly well written, well circulated and was written before 2010.


Shortcut category lists/article temp for certain types of article.

Anti-paed org, Pro-paed org, or NewgonWiki:Article template for a stub.