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Kauane Rode Camargo

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The happy couple

Kauane Rode Camargo (born 2007) is a Brazilian beauty queen who became known in 2023 for marrying the 65-year-old mayor of her city when she was 16.


Kauane lives in the city of Araucária, in the state of Paraná, southern Brazil. At 15 years old, she was the runner up (2nd place) contestant in the 2022 edition of Miss Araucária Teen.

On Wednesday, 12 April 2023, four days after her 16th birthday, she became "the First Lady of Araucária" after marrying the city's Mayor, then 65-year-old businessman and politician Hissam Hussein Dehaini. The event made national headlines and social media discourse, much of it negative, arose in English language media by May 2023, a month after the bride posted photos of their wedding to social media, triggering renewed panics over "child marriage" in Brazil. Mentioned in our timeline of moral panics, the couple have publicly defended their relationship as noted in news articles such as "16-year-old beauty queen defends marrying 65-year-old millionaire".[1] As the article notes, the bride reportedly shared a photo to social media with the caption: "What matters, honestly... It's just that we don't care!" And the Mayor Dehaini, responding to attacks on their relationship, said "We are happy. She does me good, and I do her good, and together we are not doing anyone any harm."

Reportedly, Brazilian media is more concerned about the mayor's potential corruption than the couple's marriage, where 16 is the legal age for marriage with parental consent.[2] Although the Mayor Dehaini is a wealthy businessman, his livelihood was impacted after his political party disowned him following media scrutiny of his personal life. He has since announced his departure from the Citizenship Party.[3]



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