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Kevin Brown

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Kevin Brown (b. 1970) is a minor-attracted person and activist.

Early life

Brown discovered his sexual preference for younger children at the age of eleven.[1] When he was fifteen, he told a school guidance counsellor in confidence about his attraction to children. He was consequently committed to the Community psychiatric facility for four months, and then the Larue psychiatric prison for two years. Brown describes his experience at Community:

"My case worker hated me passionately and told me so many times. Everyone hated me. [...] The place was run by Dr. Pierce, and he was the definition of an evil sociopath. He enjoyed torturing adolescent boys and girls. [...]
"They strapped me to a bed, four-pointed with leather restraint belts, and pulled my gown up. They laid my penis in a pair of large silver scissors and threatened to cut it off, playing with my genitals and squeezing the scissors. They made my penis bleed from it. The assault was not sexually motivated on their part, it was hate-based for my pedophilia. I was so weak – after a day in restraint belts you can’t sit up on your own. I couldn’t even move or answer their questions."[2]

He was violently outed several more times after his release. At the age of 17, a friend caught Brown masturbating to a nude family photograph of her younger sister.[3] He says:

"Everyone found out. I was beaten by a group of classmates and stabbed by one during the beating, after I was curled up on the floor, for it. It was the scariest night of my life to that point. They fucking tortured me over it."[4]

Because of this, Brown dropped out of school two weeks before graduation and joined the military, where he was again outed.

"Towards the end of my tour in the Army, I confided the problems with sexual attraction to children I was having to our chaplain (a Captain). Captain told everyone. My base was small - 1,000 men - and everyone found out. I was beat again and again for it. I was beaten with tire chains in the motor pool while on duty. I begged the base commander for help. He discharged me three months early."[4]

In 1995, at the age of 26, Brown was convicted of possession of child pornography. He spent four and a half years in sex offender treatment.[5] Based on this experience, he concluded that "for the pedosexual, the SOT [sex offender treatment] offers nothing in the way of a plan for living that works. It serves only to suppress a pedosexual’s true self and further their confusion about themselves."[6]

Brown publically outed himself in late 2004 with the intention of producing and acting in a play sympathetic to pedophilia at Abingdon Theatre. The play, titled Adam's End: Confessions of a Pedophile, was to follow the (fictional) outing of a pedophile school teacher. A draft of the script was completed and an independent filmmaker (Jared Frank) agreed to shoot a documentary on its production.[7]

Brown founded The Pedfoundation to advocate for the civil rights of minor-attracted persons. Pedfoundation.org went live in 2005. It was later taken down by court order.

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Recent activities

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