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List 99

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List 99 (officially, Information held under Section 142 of the Education Act 2002), is a secret, soon-to-be-abolished UK Government register of child sex offenders and other individuals who are not allowed to teach. Managed by the Department for Education and Skills, List 99 does not require that a teacher be convicted of sex offences to be included. For example, a teacher can be put on there if convicted of theft, fraud, drug offences, corruption, GBH, affray, murder or subversive activities. Medical reasons for placement on the list include alcoholism, drug addiction and mental illness (e.g. Schizophrenia).

Rise in numbers

"Official figures show there are now 12,992 individuals on List 99, [...] up from 4,921 in 2007 and 8,036 last year."[1]

The rise can probably be attributed to a change in the rules (28th February 2007), meaning that anybody aged 18+ who has been convicted or cautioned for a child sex offence must be added, regardless of whether they have ever worked with children.

Controversy and demise

Ruth Kelly, the former Education Secretary almost lost her job after her department had to admit that "88 convicted sex offenders had been left off List 99 and cleared to work in schools."

According to the Telegraph:

"List 99 is now being scrapped and responsibility for vetting and barring those who wish to work or volunteer with children is being taken on by a new body, the Independent Safeguarding Authority."

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