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Minor MAP statisics

A Minor MAP is a Minor Attracted Person who is themselves below the age of 18, or below the age of consent if this is higher.

Minor MAPs are acknowledged in certain communities - for example, the online chat MSC allows users from the age of 13 to participate, and OMC from the age of 15.

According to B4U-ACT, 85% of MAPs begin to experience (or "realize") the attraction when still minors themselves.[1]


Minor MAPs were present in the Tumblr communities from which the 2018 MAP Flag concept originated, as revealed by archives. One Anti-MAP account from 2018 identified them on Twitter in that year.[2] Prior to the term's use, a Minor MAP, Jillium, was involved in the ANU blog and the formation of Newgon.


One reason given for identifying and intervening in the lives of Minor MAPs, is the high risk of suicide at this age. Within a Preventionist philosophy, this is expanded to abuse prevention.

Early identification of Minor MAPs has been compared to early diagnosis and intervention in HIV-AIDS, but the concept is not uncontroversial. "Recruitment" and "Grooming" (evocative of the "gay recruitment" theory) are accusations often leveled at professionals and scholars who embrace the Minor MAP concept. This appears to be based on the flawed assumption that minors will "grow out" of attraction to other minors (see below), and the belief that attraction to minors is rare among the adult population.

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