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This page contains some old and outdated promotional material that was shared by Newgon from around 2008. The index for this material no longer exists, and we set up Memes and Graphics in its place.

Much like pamphlets (see for distribution ideas), flyers can be distributed throughout communities. They act as a starting point for the questioning process that lead many of us to this site.

Our flyers are designed to convey a short, sharp message and draw readers into seeking further information. Simply click the thumbnail and then click the image again to open the larger version that can be saved, pasted and printed.


Cards can enhance and personalize the impact of statements. White space has been left as a rough guide to where the other half of the card should be. The full-size image is viewable on clicking the image and then clicking the larger image for full resolution.

Old pamphlets

As, we published two pamphlets, although these would need to be rewritten by a participant or supporter to be first-level content. "Pedophilia: Myths and Facts", was a pamphlet drafted and designed by Silence Dogood and collaborated on by members of the old Newgon Forum.

Download full PDF (converted by still_young)