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Parker Rossman

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Parker Rossman

George Parker Rossman (1919-2013) was a pederast, missionary and amateur ethnographer best known for his writings under the nom de plume, Jonathan Drake. A doctor of Divinity at Yale University, Connecticut, and a Protestant minister, he wrote on a rich variety of subjects.

As well as an adventure novel, Pirate Slave (1977), depicting bonding between the boy hero and a pirate captain, he authored two books and two articles on Pederasty. One of the articles, “Le Vice” in Turkey (1966), a history of pederasty in that country, and the first book, Boys for Sale: A Study of the Prostitution of Young Boys for Sexual Purposes (1969) co-authored with Dennis Drew, were written as Drake, but the rest were under his real name. The Chronological Archive here at Newgon contains links to full copies of some of his work.

Sexual Experience between Men and Boys, was originally published by Association Press in New York, 1976 with the subsidiary title Exploring the pederast underground. A British edition with only the main title was published by Maurice Temple Smith in London in 1979 from which all the extracts on this website are taken. It is much Rossman’s most important work, being one of the only three book-length general studies of Greek love ever published in English.

Though Rossman was well-travelled, and a few of his chapters are explicitly concerned with Greek love in countries other than the USA, it should be pointed out that, despite purporting to be a general study of the phenomenon, most of his book is heavily weighted toward that one country in the fifteen years before publication that he says he had been investigating it. This shows in both his source material and his implicitly expected readership.[1]

Parker Rossman is sometimes described simplistically by boylovers as a "self-hating" pederast, or "the original Virped", as when taken at face value, his writings implied that he (and other pederasts) were "mentally disturbed". The gay abandon with which Rossman used terms such as "victim" (years before CSA victimologists embraced very similar language) has also been described as an intentionally opaque veneer for the (at the time) esteemed minister's true intentions. Since Rossman's publications give so much useful information on "the pederast experience" and "the problem of pederasty", one might be led to ask what motivated him to compile such detailed accounts of vice among men and boys.


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  • The Pederasts. Society (magazine) Volume 10, issue 3 (March/April), 1973, pp.29-35.

In the early 1960s I stumbled onto a problem which seems to be largely ignored by society and where scien­tific research is very deficient — especially considering its deep impact on the lives of those involved. In the course of counseling some deeply troubled men, I was led to explore the world of the pederast, eventually getting ac­quainted with over 1,000 men who were erotically at­tracted to young boys. I also interviewed more than 300 boys involved with such men.


I began the study in an effort to help some men, fa­thers of families, responsible citizens in their communi­ties, who were being blackmailed, having fallen into the hands of a pimp who suggested they might like to try a new sort of sexual experience. The first of these I met was a professional man from the Midwest who had come to New York City to attend a study conference and to visit the World’s Fair. He had observed and participated in two “orgies,” where he had gotten acquainted with several other men who were victims of the pimp.

Through these men I became acquainted with several more, scattered across the country, and I was distressed to find that large numbers of children, particularly 12-, 13- and 14-year-olds, were being prostituted...

  • Sexual Experience Between Men and Boys: Exploring the Pederast Underground. New York : Association Press, 1976.
  • Pirate Slave (1977) - a novel about twelve-year-old boy captured by Muslim pirates is forced into a life of piracy and slave trading.

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