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Pedophile Liberation Front

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The Pedophile Liberation Front is a now defunct organization/website that was devoted to a reassessment of pedophilia and to the formation of a "Pedophile Pride" movement.

This site had a double purpose:

  • 1. To serve as a lighthouse in the dark for all the pedophiles in the world, who may thus feel they are not alone.
  • 2. To spread the ideals of the P.L.F. and its points of view about sexuality, childhood, and freedom.

According to the now defunct GirlWiki...

The PLF is an initiative which aims at forming in the public a better awareness about pedophilia and pedophiles. Its only activity lies in the redaction of this Web site. There is no "official" membership in the PLF, and beware of anyone who claims to be a member. The only members are the ones listed in the members page, and they are such only insofar as they have written one or more pages for the site.

The other aim of the PLF site is to promote a sense of pride in those pedophiles whose lives are daily made miserable by the media and by their constant bashing of our community.

The site does not purposefully and directly give aid in carrying out illegal activities, although it did host the FAQ from the newsgroup alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.pre-teen, participating in which may be considered illegal in many countries. Also, we are not responsible for anything happening in sites that are referred to in our links section. We are however supporters of freedom of speech in its broadest sense, especially when it is used to convey information.

Children and sex

One of the basic standpoints of the PLF is that sex is not harmful to children in itself. We believe that any harm happening to children in consequence of sexual activity with other children or with adults is caused by society's reaction to such behaviour. It is the guilt and taboo associated with children's sexuality (and with sexuality in general) that may cause psychological troubles to sexual children.

However, since children do not live in a moral vacuum, we also believe that pedophiles should weight carefully whether their acts (encouraging or accepting a child's sexual behavior) will cause harm to the child -- whoever is to blame.

Finally, we think that the only way to clear this contradiction is to make the general public accept the fact that children have a full sexuality, and that there are adults willing to share it with them. This may be long to achieve, as the repression of children's sexuality is an expression of very deep-rooted taboos (see "A good reasons to hate pedophiles"), but we believe this is the only way to remove the harm.

The Witch-hunt

Quite apart from a "normal" repression of the pedophiles' desires and being, a massive media campaign has been mounted in the last decade against pedophiles, who are seen mostly as rapists, mentally disturbed monsters, who prey on children in order to satisfy a demonic lust, and "too weak" to have "normal" sexual-emotional relationships with other adults. This is usually termed "The Witch-hunt".

This view of pedophiles, which is obviously completely uninformed, is derived in our view from the anxiety of parents (who after all compose the bulk of voters in Western democracies) at losing their power over their children, coupled with an eternal need to find a well-defined and identifiable section of society to brand as "evil" and as deserving no respect. In this sense, pedophiles face today the same lies and the same ghastly discrimination as Jews did in Nazi Germany (see "Pedophiles like Jews?").

The Welfare of Children

Another common accusation against pedophiles is that they selfishly exploit the children's innocence to satisfy lustful goals, not caring at all about the child's welfare. Although this may be true of some people who are commonly called "pedophiles", such as rapists and even lust-killers of children, pedophiles at large have nothing in common with these people, just as homosexuals cannot be identified with Jeffrey Dahmer and heterosexuals with Ted Bundy.

Pedophiles do care for the welfare of children: one may discuss whether this welfare includes sex or not, but pedophiles do all their best to ensure the child's welfare.

In fact, pedophiles care more about the child's happiness than do most adults. Together with pedophiles, children are never ignored or beaten; their opinions are always taken into consideration. Adult/child sexual-emotional relationships are, on the whole, much nearer to the "ideal" love story than most adult/adult ones: they are hardly ever abusive -- unless of course, you count as "abuse" the very fact that this relationship exists.

On the other hand, non-pedophile adults hardly care at all about the welfare of children, especially if they're not their own (see "Protection of Children My Ass!"). Child labour, although it is frowned upon, is hardly repressed. Many countries allow delinquent children to be tried and sentenced as adults. In many families, the amount of physical and psychological abuse that children suffer, their views and needs constantly ignored, is much higher than in even the worst possible adult-child sexual relationship (not counting rape and torture).

Child Pornography

OK, so we're on the Internet, so the question of child pornography has to be addressed.

If one considers all pornography to be "evil" and "dirty", well then child pornography is evil and dirty too: the PLF pleads no contest.

However, it is our view that child pornography, which is frowned upon or downplayed also by many pedophiles (who maintain that "it's mostly old stuff anyway"), is not different from any other kind of pornography. Children are not "coerced" into posing for child pornography more than they are "coerced" into sex. If anything, the lower emotional involvement that sex-for-show has over a private sexual relationship makes it easier for a child to do it. Also, the material reward for participation in pornographic films or pictures is usually much welcome by the child.

The Pedophile Liberation Front web site was abandoned in 1998, but was hosted in archive form as part of the GLArchive project.

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