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Pedophilia Unbound

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Pedophilia Unbound: Theory, Research, Practice is a translation of the Pädophilie ohne Grenzen: Theorie, Forschung, Praxis; a 1997 collection of articles and essays edited by sexologist Frits Bernard.

The book seeks to fill a gap in understanding of sexual attraction between children and adults by presenting insights from both scientific and practical perspectives. The contributors, including distinguished authors, examine various aspects of this phenomenon, treating children as normal sexual beings with experiences of importance comparable to adults. The volume delves into contemporary scientific research outcomes, legislative implications, and includes interviews for a comprehensive exploration. Essays, reports on emancipation, ethnological studies on pederasty, and diverse research findings contribute to a multidisciplinary approach.

The book acknowledges the historical absence of experimental sexological studies on child sexuality, contributing to the limited understanding of this field. The concept of pedophilia is explored as a sub-category of child sexuality, with attention given to mutual impulses and intergenerational bonds. The book challenges societal norms and assumptions, recognizing pedophilia as a part of human genetic heritage and identifying analogous patterns in the animal kingdom.

The book recognizes the need for a change in attitude toward pedophilic relationships and suggests the possibilities of pedophile emancipation. The authors call for a shift in perception and awareness, challenging stereotypes and promoting informed dialogue. The multidisciplinary exploration of pedophilia, provides readers with fundamental contributions and references to specialized literature.

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