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British Anti-pedophile vigilante Stinson Hunter

"Stinson Hunter" (Kieren Parsons, born 10 October 1981) is a British filmmaker, online vigilante, and citizen-journalist best known for his leading role in the documentary, The Paedophile Hunter which aired October 1, 2014 on UK network, Channel 4.

A "tortured past" (and present)

Stinson Hunter has a long criminal record of violence and paranoid episodes. He served 10 years in prison for arson against a school in 1999, and has a conviction for assault - for which he served a 4-week prison term. When interviewed about his offenses, he was seemingly apologetic, saying "I was young and stupid".[1] More recently, he was given a lifeline by local newspaper, Coventry Telegraph (Coventry Live), "opening up about his mental health" after a video emerged of him urinating on his girlfriend's clothes.[2]

Turn to vigilantism

In 2009, Hunter started trolling the internet for potential targets in entrapment operations, leading to over 20 convictions and at least one suicide.[3] Hunter would pose as a fictitious minor who was to meet up with the men for alleged sexual purposes. Capitalizing on the peak of his fame from The Paedophile Hunter, he also wrote an article review for Closer Online about the British Channel 4 television documentary, "The Paedophile Next Door".[4]

More recently, it has been reported that he was involved in terrorizing boys on the internet by engaging in a practice known in the online gaming community as, "griefing". This reportedly includes vandalizing the virtual worlds of children in the online version of the game Minecraft for ones own amusement.[5][6]

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