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Text of A Consolidation of Brainstorming Ideas

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A Consolidation of Brainstorming Ideas

Posted by Manstuprator on 2022-September-18 01:08:07, Sunday https://www.boychat.org/messages/1598030.htm

... reproduced below (and "fixed" some things, but not all).

A Consolidation of Brainstorming Ideas Posted by Itinerant Giggles on Thursday, July 4 2002 at 11:08:31am

After chipping away at the mountain of ideas we generated back in March and April, I have put together an orderly list of all of them, included below. I have sought to avoid eliminating anything, so you will notice some repetition in the items.

They have been separated into four broad categories for ease of reference: The Outlandish, The Immediately Practical, The Longterm and Planful, The Implausible or Dangerous.

The second category has a huge number of ideas, so it has been subdivided further into Marketing and PR, Internet, Print Media, Other Media, Law and Policy, Community Building and Miscellaneous.

Please read over these lists and suggest any further ideas that come to you. Please let me know also if your idea from the original brainstorm is missing. Many Thanks.

The Outlandish

  • I propose a national database, wherein all males are registered according to penile size, and cross-referenced to the girls who can accomodate them without harm or injury
  • Paste up in public places a xerox flyer, photo of a beautiful twelve-year-old boy, naked and masturbating, clearly titled: THE FACE OF GOD. -- Hakim Bey
  • Do nothing
  • Form a colony on the moon, in Antarctica, in an abandoned mine, on a deserted island, an oil platform in international waters
  • Round up all the incurable anti-peds and put them on the moon
  • All ages dating service
  • Stings to bust straights
  • Become a pop-star and write a BL/GL-positive song or songs
  • Run a marathon, have a bake sale, or steal and fence a Picasso to raise money for BL/GLs
  • Go live with a primitive tribe that allows BL/GL
  • Buy a used ocean liner or a tropical resort, staff it exclusively with pedophiles, and offer very inexpensive vacations for families with younger children. Use the opportunity to show them that pedophiles are better at caring for, protecting, and nurturing children than the average person.
  • Buy a radio or TV station or a newspaper
  • a vast pedo conspiracy--implicating in it both lovers and their beloved: code and cipher, rings for MAAs, navel jewellery for AAMs, strict but vivacious protocols like those used by the leathermen, oral knowledge (whichever way you will take that), tree houses deep in the amazon, giant submarines, underwater cities, genetically modified mer-pedos with gills and tridents, abandoned mine shafts, O'neill space cities, northern tundra and Saudi desert pedotribes, a diaspora of religious orders of girllovers networked throughout the heights of the world's most treacherous mountains, biodomes in the arctic, refuges in the middle of greenland's glaciers, funded by millionaire pedos, pedo guards with triple dan blackbelts in aikido (no one is harmed, only converted ;), trade by barter or with currencies of sativa, somniferum and cubensis

The Immediately Practical

  • Leave notes in public places saying "A pedophile was here - and did no harm to anyone." Give the web site address to a page exposing the myths (avoid places with surveillance cameras).
  • Print up stickers with the logo and web site that can be stuck up in public places easily.
  • Make friends, family and colleagues more critical of the media in general.
  • Attempt to make people think! Show that they should not take everyting for granted.
  • Create a GLogo and competing CLogos
  • Contact any independent or subversive media sites/newspapers/stations and get them to run unbiased articles on pedophilia
  • Plant flowers in public places, leaving a little sign that says "These flowers planted by a pedophile." If someone tears out the flowers, replant them and leave a sign saying "These flowers planted by a pedophile, torn out by a bigot, and replanted by a pedophile."
  • Get pedophilia discussed in "sex education" classes.
  • Leave little notes in collection plates and tip jars, wrapped inside money you would have given anyway, saying things like "A pedophile gave you this, and supports your cause [or likes your music, or whatever is relevant], and would appreciate some respect in return."
  • Write a little note on all the paper currency you give out, saying something like "A pedophile had this money before you. If your hatred makes you tear it up, then your hatred harms you even more than usual."
  • Call up businesses with toll-free lines, or leave anonymous notes in businesses' suggestion boxes, letting them know that you do business with them, and that you are a pedophile, and asking for respect.
  • Call in to talk shows when the subject comes up, cover one aspect of it, and hang up. Don't let anyone draw you into an argument you're haven't previously prepared to discuss. Study, prepare, know your point, call in and make the point, hang up. This will let other pedophiles know they're not alone, as well as educating the non-pedophiles one step at a time.
  • Start a publishing house, to print books and materials other publishing houses refuse to print.
  • Releasing balloons with notes on them, aimed at different segments of society -- kids, parents, suburbanites, schools, etc.
  • Get pro-pedo articles into mainstream media.
  • Write to your political representatives
  • Write to newspapers
  • Focus on personal strength building
  • Networking--people online must work hard at developing enough trust with each other to start getting to know each other offline.
  • Eliminate paranoia -- shout it down when you see it.
  • Learn how to spot insincerity and avoid those who show it.
  • Find people who impress you and make an intentional effort to get to know them.
  • Working on projects together increases the trust at the same time it sets changes in motion.
  • Rely on others and ask for their help if you think you are in danger from someone.

The Longterm and Planful

Marketing and PR

  • Hire a professional PR agent for GC or GLG
  • Downplay (but never deny) the sexual part of us and re-enforce the emotional attachments. Accentuate the positive.
  • Become the most upstanding and perfect person ever to live, all the while getting lots of media attention for your good work, and then abruptly become a BL/GL-advocate.
  • Get a lot of media coverage
  • Recruit journalists/ writers/and media people to change the information flow. We need to put our own spin on things just as our opponants do.
  • Get a strong orator to represent us.
  • Anything that creates attention and softens the public to BL/GL, paving the way for more information to be given to them


  • Create your own web site telling your story. Include photos that demonstrate your love and caring and the beneficial nature of the relationships you have had. Better yet, get friends and intimates and YFs to tell their side of the story on the same pages.
  • Make sure all sites reference all other sites so finding one will find them all.
  • Make sure our web sites are robust against attacks by enemies, so that if one goes down, or is shut down, two others can take up the load. Keep all info on permanent backups so they can be easily restored in case of malicious damage to a site.
  • A website-based magazine made especially for the boy and girl lover community. Proceeds would go to projects and lawsuits that could easily be won.
  • Websites. avoid too much consolidation on few servers, or in few countries. Provide information that mainstream society is unwilling to do.
  • The creation of a web site devoted to information relevant to an activist.
    • Reports, studies
    • Chronological order of events
    • Public responses
    • etc.
  • More BL/GL websites
    • We seem to have a lot of internet savvy people. Find additional ways to make the internet work for us. And, do it strategically.

Print Media

  • Magazines for preteens, for parents, or for early teens
  • Post your own broadsheets.
  • Buy your own press.
  • Books on BL/GL for the general public, with free copies sent to law enforcement personnel and government representatives
  • Start our own mainstream publication, with most of the articles about more innocuous issues, to attract advertising revenue, whilst also including articles about our view of child love -- good articles by DJ West and Okamai that complement the Rind et al articles, and of course there's Brongersma, Sandfort, Gieles, Money, Mirkin, and others.
  • Writing personal accounts of life as a BL/GLer and publish
  • Donating pro-paedophile books and articles to libraries, teachers, law enforcement and elsewhere.

Other Media

  • Design a board game, like Life or Careers, in which each player gets stuck with random circumstances and has to make the best of it, and one of the 'hazards' or properties a person can be 'stuck with' is to be a pedophile.
  • Make rubber stamps with logo and web site for flick of the wrist application
  • Find stories of BLs and GLs who have never molested but have worked with kids all their adult life.
  • An information campaign on college campuses: make them aware of the campaigns to censor books and scientific studies, encourage grad students to conduct more research, demonstrate the prevalence of moral assumption over scientific fact, high level professors, scientists, researchers, and other professionals would likely support a petition for calling on congress to reverse the Rind censure, regardless of their position on childhood sex
  • Expose people gently to images of nude youngsters -- get them into magazines, movies, advertising, billboards, newspapers, and anywhere else you can imagine.
  • A method of providing kids with information that they could use to educate their elders

Law and Policy

  • Liberate the child first. Put them in the position to make choices.
  • We need more lawyers pushing the point that it is EVERYONE'S right to have intimacy and happiness - invariably, this also means a sexual relationship with someone they love.
  • Claim the right to the identity of a boy or girl lover. Regardless of whether or not one is legally allowed to act on their desire, the truth is that we must be entitled to live that identity publicly without fear of harassment, physical harm, job discrimination, police harassment, and all the other tools used to keep us afraid and in hiding.
  • Start a petition
  • Gather activists and supporters
  • Threefold campaign: government and policy; popular misperceptions; youth rights
  • Policy campaigns and lobbying based on scientific studies and facts
  • Write scholarly letters to politicians
  • Get a politician to agree.
  • Get older teenagers on our side. They will be legal adults soon and will then be fully enfranshised. Talk to the up coming generation.
  • Legal counsel for watch groups on media misrepresentation of pedo and hebesexuality
  • Enlist the help of law professors and lawyers willing to go to court for us on cases in our favour.
  • Legal and civil rights organisations to challenge censorship, taking media outlets to court for false and intentionally misleading stories, and ideally, forcing the acceptance of scientific findings.
  • International Paedophile Legal Team
  • Petitions to governments with hundreds of thousands of signatures of BL/GLs and their supporters from all over the world
  • Start a BL/GL political party and get elected

Community Building

  • Establish not just an annual Alice Day or Pedo Pride Day, but also a monthly or weekly or daily Alice/Pedo Action.
  • Choose to focus on BL/GL community building
  • Find allies in the LGBT and kink worlds
  • Find and fill a niche in the BL/GL community -- we need therapists, doctors, lawyers and other professionals who support us -- if you don't have the skills or education, get them
  • Contact people listed on "Megan's Law" lists, and tell them how to find the site -- select for those who are motivated by pedophilia and not evil
  • Whenever you hear of someone being arrested or questioned or suspected of a so-called 'crime' with a minor or 'porn', contact them and give web site
  • Study the history of the Gay and Lesbian movements, to see what actions they took and which ones had the greatest positive effect.
  • Get wealthy peds active and involved. Money is power.
  • Find out who has what talents and skills and put them to good use.


  • Different actions could be selected to correspond to the different time scales:
    • monthly letter writing
    • weekly BL/GLogo posting and pedopropaganda distribution
    • small daily personal ceremony of one's own creation, perhaps to affirm one's good character or to visualize good outcomes for BLs and GLs; we could reach a consensus on one BL/GL-pertinent time of day when everyone performs their own ritual, or we could come up with a ritual together that has general significance and people could add their own embellishments or not as desired; we might go by Greenwich meantime so that everyone will be doing it simultaneously around the globe; I don't believe in morphogenetic fields or psychic powers, but knowing that our kin are celebrating together might serve as a community-building or esteem-building exercise.
  • Do more research
  • Learn your logic and fallacies and write exquisite, charitable critiques of anti-ped propaganda and no-think ped propaganda alike.
  • Do research to determine the actual number of people we can expect to be secretly on our side, the actual number of people who are attracted to children of each age range.
  • Working with children (or just being with legitimately) is a must for BLs and GLs.
  • Knowing a BL or GL is often the best thing in a child's life.
  • Pedo supported charity organisations for children. A prerequisite for receiving a donation would be that the children's organisation we intended to receive the money would have to understand that boy and girl lovers are the ones behind the donation. Have a page of shame listing all the children's organisations who have refused a no-strings-attached donation.
  • More scientific research on intergenerational love
  • A rotating schedule for individuals and teams of those who will agree to such a thing, with a routine "I did this" post on a chatboard

The Implausible or Dangerous

  • Be out to everyone you know
  • Leave notes in library books that pedophiles are likely to look at, with a logo, giving the web site address.
  • Have a Pedophile Pride parade.
  • Get a tattoo with a universal symbol.
  • Wear a unique hairstyle.
  • Wear t-shirts with a logo and/or message.
  • Engage in high-profile debates
  • Run for election on a sex-positive platform
  • Petition and write letters to any organisation that is anti-pedo
  • Develop a "secret handshake" for pedos to recognize one another, pass it by word of mouth only to those you trust completely.
  • Consolidate a ped majority in a single political jurisdiction -- Rhode Island? Idaho? Belgium? Costa Rica? Equador? The Vatican?
  • Sudden mass-pedo outing
  • Put a pie in the face of your favourite worst anti-ped, especially if he or she is on national television

Itinerant Giggles