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Now operated by

N Strategist from 2021.

Might be used by others for anon editing, as they come back to the project.

Present on OMC as of 17 Jun, 2023.

Redirect Antis

User:The Admins/AntisRedirect and List of CSA/anti-pedophile proponents.

Wind-down priorities

I'll be reducing my involvement after 2 years in charge, but retaining my position as Strategist and Editor.

  • Appoint a Matrix Scout, add to Editorial Team. Leave non-essential Matrix rooms.
  • Pass on Twitter and Fedi profiles to someone who can manage them. Leave frontline activism.


  • Redirect names of all high profile antis to the list article, so their names appear in categories.
  • Categorize uncategorized files that need to enter the system.
  • At the same time, identify likely candidates for the Chronological Archive from the above files
  • Get FST links replaced [1]


In some instances to be funded, always as independent ventures.

  • Establish a news blog service, possibility to expand towards short-mid-length high quality presentist editorials.
  • Re-establish FST as a Fediverse site.
  • Re-establish Newgon Forums under new name.
  • Trust and Safety + PR Team to underpin the communities above. Minimum rules and guidelines for communities.
  • Improve language in general throughout, eliminating inappropriate language, without censoring, sanitizing or compromising meaning of language. This means that we remain accessible to the average "outsider", and only introduce value-neutral language where appropriate.


  • Get a language extension added to NewgonWiki.
  • Get robots set up on NewgonWiki.