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VigilancePrime is a now-banned user on Wikipedia.


4850 Edits on general Wikipedia articles. VigilancePrime had a habit of colourful, outspoken commentary in most areas, but made more friends than enemies along the way. The editor participated in articles related to Child Sexual Abuse, from a non-sympathiser standpoint, but upset some other editors because of a strict adherence to Neutral Point of View policy. VigilancePrime was known to have a volatile relationship with Richard Weiss.

Ban & justification

April 26, 2008. "Pedophilia related disruption". This was possibly the worst-ever decision by the Wikipedia administration in relation to these matters, with administrators bullying the editor into not editing certain topics and using the following infraction as justification for a ban. The number of blocks and unblocks also demonstrates the chasm of sensibility between ArbCom-whipped administrators and uncorrupted sysops.

The ban was administered by Dmcdevit.

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