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Youth Attracted Network International (YANI) was a short-lived attempt at publishing a youth-attracted webmagazine in 2003. It states at the head of its mission statement:

"A major goal of YANI, Youth Attracted Network International, is to become a meeting place for youth-attracted friends and lovers, a corner of the web to interact in meaningful dialogue with non youth attracted individuals. As a cornerstone for encouraging tolerance of diverse lifestyles and ending social suffering—all people should feel at home here to share their concerns, ideas, pain, and hopes, in a respectful, mutually beneficial manner. In this way, we will promote an accurate understanding about women and men who are attracted to boys and girls, as well as other sexual orientations. Our desires to benefit youths are sincere—even though the media, through selective and biased coverage, paints a skewed picture."


YANI published four times, observing what appeared to be an optimistic monthly interval.

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