Brett Franklin

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Brett Franklin is an "anti-pedophile" vigilante who harasses and threatens sex offenders. Nicholas Raz claims to have the following intelligence on Franklin (2008):

"Address : 404 E Sixth St, Apt 6, Sedalia, MO 65301-4562
Phone Number : 1-660-851-0069
History : Possible ex-felon. gang member, comic shop owner
Criminal Activity : Calls former sex offenders, regardless of their risk level, and threatens violence against them and their family members.
One report we recieved is that Brett has called one of my associates while he was visiting his parents house late at night simply to harass him. His parents now plan to change their number to a private one.
Another report states that Brett has threatened a man and his family so much that one of his teenage daughters is afraid to attend her classes.
Brett also claims to be a gang member and creates violent gangster videos for YouTube that he stated he is proud of.
If you have further verifiable data about this vigilante, please contact Nicholas Raz <> or leave a comment."[1]