Criminal Justice and Immigration Act

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The Criminal Justice and Immigration Act is an Act of Parliament in the United Kingdom. It was given Royal Assent on May 8, 2008.[1]

Indecent images of children

Section 68 amends Section 7 of the Protection of Children Act (1978). A reference to a pseudo-photograph will now include -

(a) a tracing or other image, whether made by electronic or other means (of whatever nature)—
(i) which is not itself a photograph or pseudo-photograph, but
(ii) which is derived from the whole or part of a photograph or pseudo-photograph (or a combination of either or both); and
(b) data stored on a computer disc or by other electronic means which is capable of conversion into an image within paragraph (a).[2]

Under Section 1 of the Protection of Children Act, it is an offence to take, make, possess, distribute or show an indecent photograph or pseudo-photograph, or a reference to such an image.[3]

Section 68 of the Act also allows the Secret Intelligence Service to engage in acts which are prohibited by the Protection of Children Act.

Offences committed abroad

Section 71 of the Act[4] amends Section 72 of the Sexual Offences Act, allowing the CPS to prosecute British nationals for acts done legally abroad, if the acts are contrary to laws listed in Schedule 2[5] of the Sexual Offences Act. This removes the requirement of dual criminality.

Sex offenders

Section 139 of the Act allows the Police to disclose information about sex offenders to members of the public[6] and Section 141 of the Act forces sex offenders to disclose any information which is requested by the Secretary of State (or one of his/her delegates).[7]

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