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Steve Diamond

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Steve Diamond is known as a well-established internet boylover who writes and speaks on the issues of boylove and sexual attractions between adults and children.

Biography (2007)

In the summer of 1998, Steve Diamond (better known as "Steve-D") arrived in the online, boylove scene. Quickly taking to the existing community, which resided at a web chat board named BoyChat, Steve spent several years writing and contributing as a supportive member of that community.

Steve branched off into his own projects, including such web sites as "Steve-D's Midnight Zone" and "The Midnight Archives." Several other, personal projects existed (some remain online to this day) as well. He also branched off into different types of writing. One earlier phase found him writing several erotic stories, some of which were featured at a well known, online, "alternative" website that archives written erotica.

In 2001, Steve was invited to join the BoyChat admin, as a moderator, also known as a "Cog". He remained in this post, and served in a few others, over the following two to three years. During this time, he also served as an admin member on a discussion board named "Close Encounters." (The offshoot of this board would become known as "Crossroads", or "The Crossroads Debate Forum.")

For a brief period, Steve was appointed to the position of "assistant BoyChat webmaster", which was a newly created and undefined position at that time. In short, he was the back up person, to step in and be a public figurehead, when the current, serving webmaster was unavailable. Having been in a transition phase, the new, "webmaster" position, would not evolve into what it is today until a few years after Steve's departure.

Steve also served for a period of about one year as a volunteer at the live community chat room, "Lifeline." This is a place for people to come to give and receive moral support. It is a place that those in crisis can turn to. After this point, with burn out plaguing him, Steve retired from the public eye, and took several months away, disassociating himself with the troubles and stress of the pro child love cause.

On June 22nd, 2006, Steve returned to active status on the internet, with an entirely new project, which would be much deeper and personal, than anything he had done in the past. This was his first blog entitled, "In Self Defense...The Life and Times of an Atheist Boylover...". Steve would continue to write solidly and consistently, for nearly a year, on this and several other blogs.

In early 2007, acting upon an old idea, Steve created "The EQ. Foundation". The charter for this resource, was to collect, preserve, archive and make available, "alternative" viewpoints, which are commonly stereotyped, stigmatized and refused a voice in the larger culture. It was Steve's firm belief that taboos and stigmas were only working to harm social unity and public safety, with grave consequences for many, and that it was time to break the deafening silence. Steve continues to write today and has been expanding into other areas.

Twitter and YouTube

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For a long time, following the above history he operated a Twitter account - being one of the first publicly visible MAPs on the platform. He operated a YouTube Channel (now removed), and then ran a FreeSpeechTube channel.[1]

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