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"Bubba", or "Big Bubba" is a popular, often racially connoted American term that is used by Anti-pedophile activist groups such as Absolute Zero to describe and celebrate the raping of child sex offenders in prison. "Bubba" is a stereotyped, often black, situational "homosexual" (this is how such people define homosexuality) male who anally rapes his fellow inmates (his "bitches"), usually in the communal showers when they "drop the soap".[1][2]

A long-standing stereotype from perhaps as early as the 1930s, by the late 2010s, "Bubba" had gone on to achieve cult-status in the comment sections of the Absolute Zero blog, and was often used by AZ members and readers who wished to make known their keen anticipation of the rape and brutalization of sex offenders. It is perhaps worth noting that despite their celebration by some readers, such acts are now extremely rare with modern prison practices.[3]

Is Bubba a thing of the past?

In 2023, following Marthijn Uittenbogaard's conviction on fabricated charges of child pornography, various user accounts on the Geenstijl Dutch News Blog were seen to openly celebrate what they saw as the prospect of the victim being raped violently in jail. Bubba was mentioned on multiple occasions, suggesting his fame had spread. Uittenbogaard and his male partner have since complained of mistreatment, although not rape, in the Ecuadorian prison that is now their home.