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Newgon Organization has a set of minimum moderation standards for MAP social (chat/forum) initiatives it funds or helps fund.

This does not extend to initiatives without funding started by members or ex members, nor does it apply to their behavior on sites not directly funded by us. This does not extend to Fediverse instances such as, for example, but does extend to instances funded by us (e.g. on a domain).

  • No "NSFW", and no sharing of suggestive minors or illegal material in any jurisdiction covered by our userbase. This means no lolicon or AI porn for example. Hornyposting + sexual roleplay is not allowed on an activist server, and other servers exist for this.
  • Do not admit to or seek to conduct/incite illegal activities in any jurisdiction. Depending on the context, you may be incriminating us, and forcing us to act against you. This is generally considered suspicious behavior in any event, and undermines the purpose of our involvement in social initiatives.
  • No malicious conduct directed against the person. This is to include personalized baiting/slurs/insults and sharing of personal information not available to the public. Unnecessarily aggravating, hateful, and especially unprovoked comments made about any particular social group will be treated similarly.
  • We do not believe that unironic ethnonationalism is a good look for our movement, and therefore remove accounts that engage in it. Debate around these boundaries should be fully argued and sourced - not qualified with baseless assertions. Please try to be clear with respect to your use of irony on these sensitive topics.
  • Do not attempt to defame/misrepresent social groups by attaching their identity to rape fetishism, rape ideology, ethnonationalism, etc. Bad actors have attempted to employ this propaganda tactic against MAPs in the past, and we will thus err on the side of deleting such content and banning the accounts. If it looks like an aggression against sexual minorities rather than a genuine expression of identity, we will act.
  • Disruption, particularly in the form of in-thread, weaponized offense-taking will not be tolerated, and will result in warnings and bans. Users must report the initial violations to an admin, moderator, or in the relevant meta room/forum and not bring it up in-thread, thus causing drama.

When considering moderating a non-malicious and non-urgent comment, we will generally need to establish that a person acted in a way that was unnecessary (i.e. they were trolling, or deliberately overstating an argument). This involves a judgment call as to that person's true beliefs, vs what they have stated. Intellectual diversity is a key aspect of initiatives we fund, and helps to counteract inaccurate and harmful stereotypes of MAPs and their supporters, so we do not just censor "bad ideas" if there is no evidence of trolling, malice or considerable potential for damaging publicity.