We have been made aware of the fact that Yesmap's (now disabled) Matrix server was entered under false pretenses by the hostile editor of a supposed "MAP" website some months ago. While some screenshots/logs have been shared (including those of members suffering from mental-health and legal problems), no personally identifying information has been leaked. We are currently compiling a dossier of malicious and criminal activity we believe the publishers of this website are responsible for, and will soon publish and promote it.


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Representation of the wider Fediverse as a tree (late 2022)

The Pediverse (a portmanteau of "pedophile" and "universe", deriving from the widely-used term "Fediverse") is an ensemble of federated (i.e. interconnected) servers or services that are used by MAPs and allies for web publishing (i.e. social networking, microblogging, blogging, or websites) and file hosting.

While independently hosted, users on these servers can communicate with users on other servers, although one server owner may freely decide to block other servers, or promote particular servers to their userbase. On different servers (technically instances), pediverse users can create profiles on what are typically open-source social media platforms modeled on popular social networks such as Twitter. These profiles are able to communicate over the boundaries of the instances because the software running on the servers supports one or more communication protocols that follow an open standard.

As an identity on the pediverse, users are able to post text and other media, or to follow posts by other identities. In some cases, users can show or share data (video, audio, text, and other files) publicly or to a selected group of identities, and allow other identities to edit other users' data (such as a calendar or an address book).

Pediverse socials and our Official Guidance⁽ᵂʰᵃᵗ ᶦˢ ᵗʰᶦˢˀ⁾

MAPs have been proactive in setting up federated/decentralized communication platforms, because of well-founded fears centering on censorship and harassment, mental health and validity policing.

Front-ends/user interfaces include Mastodon, and Pleroma, but the information being shared remains the same regardless of what server you are accessing it from, and what software is being used on the server.

The better-known federated social (ActivityPub) instances are listed below underneath their advisory ratings. These ratings are to be read as a guide only, and the factors determining how an instance is rated by us, are in constant flux.

All such servers permit communication with one another. A few exceptions exist, such as NNIA's defederation of Youjo, Yesmap and Childlove, and the Xelebre.com instance, which has blocked almost every Pediverse instance, despite claiming to be anti-censorship and pro-free-speech. Pediverse servers uniformly prohibit CP sharing and other illegal activity within their own effective jurisdictions, and most build in contingencies for user jurisdictions.

Some of these servers host other platforms, such as decentralized video sharing (Peertube).

Generally considered safe

  • Oddballs.online
A famous instance run by Ezra, and the subject of doxxing and YouTube videos. It is home to anti, neutral and pro-c MAPs among others and contains a high proportion of ironic, fiction and art posting.
  • RQD2.net (runs on Lemmy)
Radqueer/Inclusionist instance that appears to have some restrictions against uncivil conduct, while being more serious about limiting trolls and malicious actors than other instances. It runs on Lemmy, an untested front-end, and new frontier in fediverse. It should be noted that the creator of this instance has stated they will not carry out discriminatory actions against users regardless of whether they are pro-c or anti-contact.
  • Fedi.yesmap.net (runs on Mastodon)
Newgon-funded instance. Designed to have high levels of tolerance for freedom of speech, while completely excluding erotica, eye-candy/gooning, malicious sharing of personal information, illegal conduct and anti-MAP propaganda/disruption. It is thus intended to act as an "instance of last resort", providing sanctuary for those who have reservations about administrators on other instances, or who were not invited.
The concept underlying Yesmap's social, is that its domain has the highest levels of security, and its content has the lowest levels of liability. Therefore, when other instances go down, fediverse users will log in to their Yesmap account to view the entire Fediverse and receive updates concerning what the admins of those other instances intend to do. Yesmap will also serve as a repository for Fediverse users' more "meaningful" contributions, ensuring they are not lost for eternity.
  • Numerous other servers
Less information about reputation is available. As of 2024, these had between 30 and 200 users: tummy.town, monk.ey.business, Cannibal.cafe, rape.pet, ghetti.monster, mapsupport.de, paravielfalt.zone, lit.tleplace.xyz, eepy.express.

Extreme caution

  • Pawoo.net (runs on Mastodon)
Described as *adjacent to the Pediverse, this huge Mastodon instance is home to a large community of deviance fetishists ("Goons") who exchange masturbatory material - most controversially on the topic of rape. Pawoo users are therefore often seen as stereotyped Teleiophiles or "normie" self-denying MAPs by users of "true" Pediverse instances who derogatorily refer to them as "Pawooners" (Pawoo + Gooners). Other pediverse users have attempted to convert Pawooners into self-aware MAPs.
Has often had its domains suspended. Is often filtered by smaller instances due to the large amount of graphic material it contains.

Known to be hostile or compromised

  • NNIA.space and NNIA.cc* (run on Mastodon and Soapbox respectively)
Although MAP social networking sites had existed before it,[1] NNIA.space (created in May 2020) was the first true Pediverse social in the wider Fediverse. NNIA runs on Mastodon, and Anti-contact predominates, due to restrictions on contact debate/discourse. Putting aside the restrictions against contact debates, NNIA is home to a lot of identity discourse not seen elsewhere, with identities that could be seen as "more marginalized" and "less assimilated" being embraced. For example, following the earlier celebration of "Zoosadist Pride",[2] in 2023, a flag featuring hard candy[3][4] was even created for individuals who are attracted to the idea of "grooming children" (while it is claimed these are genuine attempts at creating new identities, some disagree with this and suspect other motives). Nazi Fetish flags are among their other contributions.[5] Defederation (i.e. censorship) of other MAPs for political/trivial reasons such as edgy humor makes the instance unsuitable for those accustomed to an unfiltered internet, or prone to political incorrectness.
Our harsh rating here is given out on a precautionary basis. A median view in the MAP community is that the administrators of NNIA and content creators of MAP Wiki are antis who happen to be self-confessed MAPs for whatever reason. More extreme views have been aired, suggesting NNIA is run by federal agents and/or "self-loathing" MAPs, although these would seem unlikely given their low profile, and lack of online marketing and presentational skills.
*The NNIA instance manager is known to doxx (share private information about) and permit the doxxing of MAPs, and was defederated from Freak.university prior to the demise of said instance. A mentally ill teenager who had risen to a high-ranking position with the encouragement of said administrator/manager was also defederated from the influential instance.
NNIA has also been implicated in the creation of false identities to slander other servers. Another point of concern for community cohesion, is that its admin once stated that older MAP communities were "mostly hebe and ephebo oriented [...] and we don't need it back". As NNIA's power and share of the community has slowly waned, the admin has created a private instance (NNIA.cc) invisible to all other instances, and taken to lashing out at other instances, accusing them of normalizing sex with babies and hosting Child Pornography (without substance).


  • Lolison (.network .top, various domains runs on Pleroma)
A large and multi-faceted instance, said to have its own forum and other projects.
  • Childlove.su - formerly Childlove.space (runs on Mangane, all domains suspended)
Created as a Soapbox instance by Yesmap server members in October 2023, but independent of Yesmap.net and PCMA, this was an anti-censorship instance that did not disable members for political opinions of any kind, and grew to 1000+ members within 2 weeks of opening. This was after concerns emerged re. doxxing and malicious conduct on other instances, and shortly before Youjo's domain was suspended for unrelated reasons, leading to an influx of refugees. Rules similar to Youjo.love, but open application (no invite required).
Has faced minor controversy concerning two openly-identified Nazi members - although they were eventually banned for harassment or disappeared/left the instance voluntarily for alternatives such as cunnyborea.space. Has sometimes been criticized and ridiculed because of its administrators' "absolutist" view of borderline images featuring minors as a freedom of speech issue. It is held that this instance has no responsibility toward users in jurisdictions other than Luxembourg, which has rather lax laws. Following the suspension of the .space domain by Namesilo, an .su alternative launched in November 2023 but was suspended.
  • Youjo (runs on modified Pleroma/Akkoma)[domains youjo.love and youjo.observer unavailable, domains suspended]
A currently suspended invite-only instance that is curated according to the owner's wishes, but pro-federation with respect to other servers. Pro-c predominates, and the site owner aims to once again host a broad variety of federated and unfederated resources, such as video hosting and a booru.
MAPs on other instances have criticized the admin of Youjo for platforming politically incorrect and extremist personalities, including donors - something she openly acknowledges as part of the instance's mode of operation in its previous form.
As a social, Youjo is generally thought to run smoother than the Mastodon instances, which have both suffered from loss of technical features. Other personal, invite-only instances do exist, and some host small cliques of friends. Youjo was probably the most popular example of such an instance while it existed.
  • Freak.university (runs on Mastodon, currently unavailable)
Similar to NNIA (below), with less restrictions on discourse. According to them, their userbase "includes paraphiles, the mentally ill, queer folk, transX folk, and people with any other non-normative or heavily stigmatized identity." Is relatively easy to join, and known as the place some NNIA users take advantage of the more relaxed rules.
There was varied debate in the community relating to this instance's toleration/amplification of malicious conduct. In 2023, following a leadership crisis in the community, FU administration did after some time take definitive action against two leading NNIA personalities for malicious behavior against other MAPs.
One concern within the community related to the administrator's personal situation, which some believed made her instance vulnerable to law enforcement infiltration. There has, however, been no known fallout from this situation thus far.

Real-time chat

Numerous servers host Matrix accounts and promote lists of rooms with varying degrees of openness to MAPs. Yesmap.net (funded by us) was one such example, promoting an activist workgroup called PCMA, which links up with various others. Since Yesmap left the Matrix scene, some of the remaining servers are midov.pl, nekos.cafe, needsmo.re, crypted.cafe and these may sometimes permit sharing of lolicon type manga. Some users opt for the standard Matrix.org account.

Video sharing

See FreeSpeechTube, a peertube instance with over 200 registered users.

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  1. NNIA's Map-Wiki offshoot claims there was an almost unknown instance that existed before it: "Phenomenal.masto.host. Launched in 2019 by an ex member of map Tumblr, this was the first known map Mastodon instance. It never gained publicity and was shut down by the admin after a couple of months."
  2. Zoosadist Pride Flag. Of note is the fact that the wiki has as many flags for Zoosadists as it does Zoosexuals
  3. Various flags: Aptomap, Apto, Necro MAP, Necropedozoo
  4. Flags for Over 1000 paraphilias, designed by NNIA members, including the "apto" (grooming) flags featuring hard candy.
  5. Nazi Fetish, and Nazi Kink