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Gary Gibson

Gary Gibson (b. circa 1951) is a Christian American MAP, father and self-declared non-offending Pedophile who has been a member of Virtuous Pedophiles (Virped) peer-support group. He also founded the organization and website ASAP International, which links MAPs with therapists. In 2017, he appeared on Dr. Phil[1] and in numerous online copies such as the UK's Daily Mail, Sun and Yahoo! His supportive wife, Dr. Tabatha Abel also appeared on This Morning. This caused tensions within his community.

One of Gibson's foster daughters had previously accused Gibson of assaulting her, although this was investigated and determined to be fantastical. Bizarrely, she was allowed to be present during the Dr. Phil episode, in which she had an emotional breakdown.[2]

In 2015, VICE's Alexander McBride spent some time with Gibson and other members of Virped, going on to publish his reflections on a 2017 article, towards the end of the aforementioned group's fame in the mainstream media:

On the way over, the reality of what I was doing began to sink in and I started to feel nervous. However, after meeting Gary and being welcomed into his life for the week, I grew so comfortable that my perception of him came to be defined less and less by his sexual proclivity. This turned out to be the case with the others, too. From what I saw, they were regular people trying to get on with life in much the same way that anyone else does, all while having to tackle a burden that they did not choose to bare.[3]

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