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Welcome to NewgonWiki's Editing Portal!

Newgon's aim is to provide concise and easy-to-deploy material for activists roughly aligned with our ethos. In other words, we are seeking to compile only the useful and accessible information, making it easy to retrieve and re-use in online guerilla activism/the real world. We will avoid excessive self-reference and jargon, aiming to make ourselves accessible to both the public and sympathetic individuals who wish to act as public educators.

Quicklinks for Editors: Noticeboard (discussion) | Catlist | To-do list.

What does NewgonWiki do?

Our organization has a long history

We host lots of things. Here are some examples of ongoing work:

You are also free, to provide the following:

  • Relevant book reviews - within a categorized, encyclopedic/stub-encyclopedic article on the topic (please).
  • Personal experimental/essay content. Essay/Experimental/Creative writing are other potential uses of NewgonWiki, and are openly encouraged. It won't get you a link on the front page, but all content should be added to Category:Essays and a name-linked subcat, so it can be read by those casting around for new ideas.

How does NewgonWiki organize this material?

All public material barring personal essay and user-page content is classified as Encyclopedia and/or Project - oriented. Some project material such as Research and Debate Guide can be accessed via the navigation panel/homepage, but also enters a limited number of Encyclopedia categories. Pure Encyclopedia material (e.g. People, Organizations, Historical Events) is put into multiple encyclopedia categories as demanded by Help:Categories. All public material barring user-page content is categorized in some way, even if it is an essay in a non-encyclopedia author category as above.

For help categorizing material (vital for new encyclopedia content), see Help:Categories.

Working standards and technical guidance

Please see our dedicated article for more guidance.

Do not feel afraid to ask about working standards on the PCMA chat, the noticeboard, or on any relevant talk page. Many of the accepted standards are cultural, and not explained here.

What do we have planned?

See our To-do list, Mirror Project or Research Resources below for any number of interesting literature review and article writing opportunities.

ROC/SA classification project (not yet active)

Ask yourself - "on a scale of 1-5", what is the risk of censorship for this information? Censorship can be erasure or distortion on a resource such as Wikipedia. If it's a 4 or 5, let's write a nice, clean article about it. If it's 1 or 2, let's write a stub if it's important to us, and link to Wikipedia, etc. Also ask yourself - on a scale of 1-5 what is the strategic alignment of a person or organization with our ethos? 1s and 5s are important topics, as are many 2s and 4s.

Let's get ROC and SA scores uploaded to the articles in a pretty template!


Here is a full list of help pages and projects that will help you build the wiki.


Here are some user-generated projects and "special pages" for aiding the development of the Wiki:

In-house general discussion about the Wiki.

Our own cultural standards, and some general advice re. Wikitext.

Some useful category advice and templates.

Find something on our to-do list, or request action if you have not got the time. Long-term, ongoing and future tasks.

Using other wikis/resources to duplicate content and add to ours (with some cautions).

Research lists we can use as the starting point for literature reviews. Please add a note to signify how much, and when each link was checked.

For permanent listing links of interest to NewgonWiki editors. May be used to do an archive search.

Browse this index for novel stuff that will help build the wiki.

One such special page. An autogen list of requested pages (using wikilink frequency).