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Jordan Peterson

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Jordan Peterson

Jordan Peterson (born 12 June 1962) is a Canadian, classical-liberal/libertarian-right online personality and self-help expert who has made a variety of comments about intergenerational sexuality. He rose to fame as a psychologist in the late 2010s, for his opinions on cultural and political issues such as transgender pronouns, views sometimes described as heterodox.

On intergenerational sexuality

When taken at face value, Peterson's comments in support of Bruce Rind reveal support for rational scientific inquiry into the validity of the Child Sexual Abuse paradigm, but marked disdain for pedophiles and the identitarian shift towards a MAP identity which includes hebephiles - a much larger group. It is likely that Peterson is aware of the need to play to his largely social-conservative base:

  • Peterson has addressed pedophilia from a self-help perspective,[1] but has also equated pedophilia to sexual predation.[2]
  • He has accused Michel Foucault of "raping" minors he had voluntary relations with.[3]
  • Peterson has discussed Rind et al positively with Milo Yiannopoulos:[4]

Did you know that about 20 years ago the American Psychological Association published a paper showing that most people who were sexually abused as children recovered with very little psychological damage? This is an unsayable truth.[5]


Jordan Peterson has also taken advantage of the trend among anglo-conservatives to attack the identitarian shift towards Minor Attracted People, a paradigm that tackles some of the confusion that he has sowed himself. A useful point of attack may therefore be Bruce Rind's work on hebephilia, a concept that "MAP" incorporates.[6] Our review on prevalence contains similar information on the widespread and biologically "normative" nature of hebephilic desire.