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A Logo designed by Rookiee for Pedologues

Pedologues was an mid-late 00s podcast (Sep 2005 - Sep 2006) focused on issues surrounding inter-generational relationships, pedophilia, child sexuality, culture, society's views on these issues, law, and everyday life. The show, hosted by Rookiee, a blogger who was the first person to mention Adult Attracted Minors, accepted e-mail responses in both written and audio formats.

30-Episode run

The first three episodes were co-hosted by Rookiee and Abraxas. Episode four was formatted as an interview with Rebellee of Subsequent episodes have been recorded via online Skype conversations and pieced together in post-production.

After 20 episodes, Rookiee announced the termination of the series, citing time constraints, financial burdens, and other personal reasons, and removed all episodes from the Pedologues homepage. He then announced that the series was continuing, and it ran for a total of 30 episodes until its cessation.

The podcast often featured younger contributors - see Youth Perspectives.

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