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Teleiophilia (from Greek τέλειος, teleios, meaning "full grown") is an erotic age preference (chronophilia) for biological adults (of undefined age). The term was coined by sexologist Ray Blanchard. As with every other chronophilia, legal majority is not prerequisite for teleiophilia.

It has been suggested that another chronophilia, ephebophilia, be merged into teleiophilia as they are effectively the same thing.

Pseudoexclusive teleiophilia

Pseudoexclusive teleiophile is a neologistic term for an individual who expresses his or her dislike for MAPs in an animated way, attempting to repress or deny their own attractions to minors. Usually, said attractions are actually normative, for example - nonexclusive hebephilia or teleiophilia with a strong hebephilic component. Nevertheless, this can lead to significant ego-dystonic angst in the individual, given their social leanings. This psychological mechanism is also known as reaction formation.

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