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Debate Guide: Self-loathing hatred

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In Freudian terms, the defense mechanism of Reaction Formation.
Early manifestations of the German far-right sometimes asserted an insistently masculine bisexual/pederastic identity, highly disdainful towards effeminate homosexuals and women, something seen as supportive of nation building. This was exemplified by figures such as Hans Bluher, Benedict Friedlaender, and the Wandervogel Movement mentioned later in this article

Projection, guilt, exteriorisation and self-loathing are all important parts of the violently anti-pedophile psyche.

One example of the need to draw lines and attack a minority comes from Giles[1]:

Part of the problem is that heterosexual male desire often sits on a knife between a preference for neonate facial features in women (clear skin, large eyes, high cheekbones) and an intense revulsion toward paedophilia. It could be argued that the ferocity of assaults on convicted (child) sex offenders and the mob violence often enacted against rehabilitating child abusers are driven partly by the need for heterosexual men to have clear boundaries between what is acceptable sexual desire (i.e., the youngest, healthiest, fertile female) and what is not (legally protected children). If a subgroup of men can be clearly identified and labelled, it reduces the uncertainty surrounding their own borderline desire for young-looking women.

And Bluher (1953):

In prosecuting pedophiles, a man struggles against the suspicion that he could be one himself and, seeking reassurance, he exteriorizes his own inner battlefield.

Jim Gamble (former CEOP):

They (paedophile hunter groups) attract people with domestic abuse records and coercive control. They give people the opportunity to reinvent themselves as a good person and create this status, to build a Facebook or a Twitter following. [...] It makes them feel good about who they are and allows them to mask some of their other behaviors.[2]

Kenneth Lanning (former FBI special agent on sexual crimes against children, when asked by Chris Hansen about profiling a police officer caught with child pornography):

It's a very troubling issue for me, because when I was actively involved in the FBI, and I was putting people together [...] I got to know, particularly in the early days, most of the officers who were involved in these kind of investigations, and as the years went by, several of them turned out to be offenders themselves [...] they somehow convince themselves that what they are doing is "different" ...[3]

If the history of art is to be believed, it would appear that child nudes are widely appreciated and idolized aesthetically. It is easy to understand how widely these physical attractions toward the sensuality and bodies of prepubescent children must be felt, and the guilt this must cause in cultures disposed towards demonizing or denying it. Through reaction formation, we externalize the resultant desire to distance ourselves from these attractions by attacking others who fit the stereotype.

This tendency is particularly pronounced in individuals who - for example, attack the "pedophile other" as "wanting to rape babies". The imputation of such extreme motives derives from a need to distance the "other" from what is in most cases their own strong erotic attraction to pubescent girls - preferential or non-preferential hebephilia. Pseudoexclusive Teleiophiles (who generally experience a hebephilic attraction of some sort) will often emotionally accuse others of "thinking it's ok to fuck children". This is seen as a "tell" for psychological repression or conscious control of hebephilic/pedophilic interest, because the violent anti is projecting unto his target, an acceptance of condemned desires. The most obvious mode of attack would be simply asserting that his target is a pedophile and he is not, yet the attacker insists upon a merely moral boundary between himself and his victim. This is highly suggestive as to the true motives for the attack.

History of homosexuality

Quote in meme format

Reaction formation is better known as a historical feature of gay culture, in societies where homosexuality is widely condemned. In addition to the well-documented history of bisexuality and pederasty in the prewar German far-right movement,[4][5][6] present day trends also shed light on this psychological mechanism. For example, insistently "masculine", "straight" affected forms of male homosexuality continue to exist alongside and sometimes in opposition to its camp affected varieties. While these definitively masculine identities may have entered gay culture because of a mixture of self-hate and fetishization, intensely masculine homosexuality is now appreciated in and of itself. Clearer examples can be observed in the reactions of questioning gay or bisexual men who have moved from a "straight" lifestyle, some of whom will verbally or physically attack, blame and deny after engaging in gay sex "acts" they can not reconcile with their assumed sexual identity. Plethysmograph studies in which decidedly homophobic men were more than twice as likely to be aroused by gay stimuli as the nonhomophobic men, would appear to back this up.[7]

Lolicon-MAP Equivalence Debate

The Lolicon-MAP Equivalence Debate is a more contemporary example of reaction-formation in the form of distancing. It relates to the need for "Lolicons" (avid consumers of drawn female child erotica) to express hate for MAPs, minors, and deny that they are attracted to minors.

"Dark-Ego-Vehicle Principle"

One recently tested theory, the Dark-Ego-Vehicle Principle, posits that individuals with so-called dark personalities (e.g., individuals with high narcissistic traits) are attracted to political and social activism not for the achievement of prosocial goals but to repurpose the activism to satisfy their specific ego-focused needs. Anti-sexual-assault activism and activist Feminism have been associated with such character traits in statistical analyses.[8][9]

Gallery of self-owns

Various people with extreme anti-pedophile beliefs, or a connection to the child protection industry, have ultimately been caught with their pants down.


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