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Testimony: BoyLover.net

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From different anonymous users:

  • My best relationship of my entire life was when I was 11 and the man was 28. I can whole-heartedly say he changed my life for the better. No way was trust lost, in any case a whole lot of trust was gained from the experience.
  • yes i have a positive sexual experience no the trust didnt go away yes he had our best interest in mind no i didnt...well i kinda did and thats why i kept it and him secret hell yeah i wanted it all i can say is he was always there for me and the only one who was.
  • My 1st sexual contact was with a boy about 13 and me 5 & 1/2, and let me say that it turned me into a toddler gigilo. Loved it all.
  • My first sexual experince was when I was 10 and the guy I had it with was around 29 or 30. It was wonderful and I remember is all to this day. He was kind and caring and I wanted it and loved it.
  • As one who has had the experience of having an intimate love relationship with an adult male when I was 12 years old, I can speak from practical experience, rather than conjecture. Was it against the law for my music teacher and me to enter into a sexual relationship? Yes. Did that stop us? No. Many of you who wrote that a boy's sexual awareness comes at different ages is true. But the comment that boys don't know what they are doing or do not understand the implications of sexual interaction with an adult is not completely true. It depends on the boy and at what age he sexually matures. I was definitely aware of my sexuality at age 5. I started masturbating on a regular basis at age 9. By the time I was 12, I was MORE than ready for a sexual relationship. I wanted my music teacher as much as he wanted me. Of course, it was a willing and consensual relationship. And of course, because of AoC laws, we unfortunately had to go to great lengths to keep the relationship a secret. He wasn't thinking of jail, nor was I thinking of juvenile detention or being taken from my parents when my teacher and I first kissed. We rejoiced in the love we found. All I was thinking was how my heart was soaring and how thankful I was that my sexual desire was reciprocated. I willingly and lovingly surrendered my virginity to him. He was a very loving, caring, considerate, romantic lover. No boy my age would have had my best interest at heart, or would have been as terrific a lover. Our sexual intimacy added greatly to the quality of my life. For that I am forever grateful. (and for never being found out) Yes, having sex with a boy is illegal. But many of you have said "laws be damned" when it came to the reality of sexual intimacy with your child lover. As a boy, I had the same reaction. For me and my teacher/lover, LOVE triumphed over guilt, shame and AoC laws […] I was never abused or molested by a family member. I grew up in a family that was very loving, and demonstrable with their affection. My mother had a very open and liberated outlook on sex, and childhood sexuality. Yes, I was blessed to have come from a loving environment. That certainly contributed to my self-confidence, self-worth and self-esteem. I was never made to feel that sex was dirty or shameful. Nor was I made to feel ashamed of my sexuality. My mother was a single parent, so I only had one parent growing up. But she did her best for her son, and I will forever be grateful for her love, guidance and wisdom. BTW, having parental approval and support in any adult/child relationship is very important. My mother always told me to follow my heart. When I told her that I wanted this relationship, she talked with my teacher to make sure his motives were genuine and sincere, and that he had my best interest at heart. (which he did) Not only did I have my mother's approval at 12 to enter into an adult/child homosexual relationship with my teacher, I had her support and encouragement. God bless her!
  • Some time ago I started a thread wherein I detailed a relationship where I was the one at the age of 11-12yo who pushed for an intimate relationship with an older male who was above the age of 18. He was the one who was infected with society's sociological psychobabble until finally one day he allowed me to show him how much I needed him, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. I was never 'abused' or 'used' and I was never manipulated into doing anything against my will. In fact I was a very willful child and pretty much did as I wanted, within reason. I had many boy lovers my own age and older and even younger growing up. It was the older male I craved...when finally I made it happen.
  • I was 8 years old when I had sex with a cousin 10 years older than I was. I had the time of my life, and still miss it.
  • If you are an adult man, and you are toweling off after your shower at the swimming pool, and then you are starting to get dressed, and you see a 7 year old boy doing the same thing, and he is staring at you, not staring at your eyes but below your waist, and you can see his arousal from just looking at you, is this a bad thing? Maybe some young boys do crave sex with other males of some age. I know I did.
  • “Anything under 18 is too young and illegal too by a law” > better tell that to some of the guys I had sex with at the tender age of ten.
  • I started having sex with other boys in my neighborhood when i was 6 years old , the other boys where 15 to 18 yrs old at first, then with boys my own age, oral and anal it didn't matter it felt good and i enjoyed it.
  • Between the ages of eleven and thirteen, I had an older friend that was sexual with me on quite a few occasions. He was sixteen when it all began. For all practical purposes, I was his syf. He adored me, and he made me feel special. I cherished these moments with him. It felt great, both on an emotional and on a physical level. I never felt forced or abused by him. In fact on many occasions, I was the one to initiate the act, and believe me, we did it all.... Back then, there wasn't a big taboo when it came to this sort of thing. Had I been influenced by society, I may have looked upon this in a different light, but without an external influence, these memories are for what I believe to be, a true representation of how he truly made me feel. It’s because of this experience that I feel that most of these accounts are not biased. I am aware of how sexual a young boy can be, and I know for certain that not all boylovers are monsters, by any means……
  • I truly Love Boys, and never meant any harm. As a small boy, and into my twenties, I had sexual affairs with older men. I wasn't harmed by them. I was harmed by the pseudo-religious-intellectuals that have a hankering for dictating moral policy to the world, and other people who love to get into other peoples personal business.
  • I am familiar with these sorts of relationships first hand, and here is a personal note, for whatever it's worth: I was seven years old when my mother met my stepfather. We were very poor. They married when I was eight. She married him to get to his money, which she took liberal advantage of without any objection from him what-so-ever. I benefited enormously from that. Of course, he married her to get to me, which he took liberal advantage of without any objection form her what-so-ever. I benefited enormously from that as well -- it was entirely consensual (and please, please don't try to tell me I couldn't consent) and frankly, one hell of a good time for years. Would they all go like that? Not under my proposal, because as soon as they married he would have had a custodial relationship with me, and bang, no sexual contact would have been allowed. So what would he have done? Probably not married my mom; probably simply remained friends with us and certainly remained very supportive, which we desperately needed. The only real difference would be in the facade -- my mom would have been free to find a real lover and the entire situation could have been more open and honest. At no point did he 'abuse' or hurt me, and at no point did my mother abrogate her responsibility to me -- she was constantly (to the point of annoyance) making sure I was ok with everything. She was simply a 'free spirit' as it was once called who - like many of her friends - believed in 'free love'. OK, so perhaps she was a little naive in that, but nothing in life is certain, and I'd much rather have freedom with a chance for some harm, than total safety in a police-state, with no chance for growth, fun or, yes, orgasms.