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A large number of MAP activist and personal statement blogs (around 30-50 MAP's blogs on at least 80 total URLs)[1] founded between 2005-2007 were deleted from Google's Blogger service (and to a lesser extent, Wordpress and LiveJournal), with massive purges coming in the Spring-Summer of 2007[2], thanks to Absolute Zero among others. This was part of the early 2nd wave MAP Movement and coincided with increased levels of activist editing on Wikipedia, as younger people became attuned to the minor-attracted community. Many of the publishers were obsessively tracked and urged to kill themselves at the time. Some of the URLs are now in the hands of organized hate groups such as AZ (it appears AZ had an insider at Blogger - see article linked below), so view them by using the Web Archive.

Historical archives can sometimes be found by submitting the old URLs to Wayback Machine.

Some of the better known blogs

  • - Paiderastia, created and run by Rookiee, was a team effort and went through a couple of incarnations. It was temporarily suspended due to death threats.
  • - By I Love Green Olives.
  • - Neither Here nor There, team blog, less active.
  • - By a 17 year old GL.
  • - Lex BL - the only survivor from that era.
  • (previously, known as ANU and ATC, was a team blog, started at blogspot (original blogspot domain not visible in the archives). ANU is thought to be the modern-day birthplace of the now commonly used terminology, "Minor Attracted Person" - first used in early 2007 by BLueRibbon and Daniel Lievre - both former members of this site and BoyChat.
  • - Teenage Adult Attracted Minor blog.

Post-2007 efforts

See also Minor attracted community.

2005-2007 represents the start of the MAP blogging movement, and a period of considerable activity. However, free blogging services have continued to tolerate and censor MAPs and NOMAPs to varying degrees since this era. Wordpress is one platform that has shown some degree of discretion, although authors such as Thomas O'Carroll have eventually been forced to self-publish after using their free service. With the rise of Social Media and social microblogging sites such as Tumblr, MAP blogging has been pursued as part of an integrative model of engagement, much in line with other communities. Nigel Leigh Oldfield also successfully maintained a blogspot blog towards the end of his life.

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