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The minor attracted community is a term that can be applied to a loose affiliation of individuals - mainly MAPs and supporters/allies. Presently, the community exists almost exclusively online, however, real-life friendships are known to exist, as do some membership organizations and support groups. Some organizations (mainly homosexual pedophiles and pederasts) had limited success in the period spanning from the mid-70s to the early 90s - maintaining contact by way of mailing lists and taking part in Gay Pride events/larger LGBT organizations.

The websites the community currently uses are generally small webforums and social networks, plus a few peer groups on larger platforms. The last few years has seen considerable diversification, for example - the use of decentralized social networking. The more established of these online communities tend to go under banners such as boylove and girllove, with others remaining generic. In some cases, relationships forged through these websites have led to real-life contacts, and even larger scale meetings and events (see IBLD or Ipce, attracting 100+ and around 10 attendees respectively), although such contact has arguably declined over the last two decades. Because of the widespread oppression of MAPs and the greater anonymity offered by the Internet, many of them feel more comfortable finding friends and confidants online than in real life. As such, the online community has grown slowly since around 1997, with sites such as BoyChat establishing themselves as important meeting places.


Most of the MAP Community's activities take place online.

Message boards

Listed, e.g. on BoyLinks

One of the most popular ways to participate in this online community is through message boards (also known as Bulletin Board System-style, or BBS-style, forums). These are websites (for example, BoyChat, BLOL,[1] GirlChat, girlloverforum.net (DE), Pedofilie (CZ),[2] Pedo24 (RU)[3] and Visions of Alice) in which posters write messages to one another. The messages remain available for long periods of time while other posters read and respond to them. These old-fashioned communities tend to have older users, more freedom of speech, less attention to rules of engagement and the users are often pro-c in some way. Virped is one exception to that rule.[4], and B4U-ACT is largely not engaged on the subject of contact.[5]


A primarily lolicon-focused forum with numerous self-identifying MAP members is AllTheFallen, content may vary in legality according to jurisdiction.


Decentralized social platforms such as Mastodon and Pleroma have seen very impressive uptake among MAPs, who communicate on shared servers.[6] Participants in decentralized networking may themselves offer up server space. These are noncommercial spaces for shared interests, and often deviate from the mainstream, so while uptake is high, visibility for activists might be poorer in this instance. Activism can still take place, although this would be more in the mold of peer support or community organizing. Popular instances are NNIA, (anti-c predominates), lolison, baraag.net and pawoo.net. The instance on which your account is hosted can block other instances, but otherwise, you can follow accounts on other instances.

Should our efforts expand within the Fediverse, the best analog for this might be the MAP infiltration of Secular-Rationalist bulletin boards that took place in the mid-late 00s. MAPs would be targeting a group that is already predisposed to realigning their way of thinking.

Modern Mainstream

Small communities, including some activism have been seen on Twitter, Tumblr,[7] Deviantart[8] and Reddit (/r/pedofriends now banned[9]) and Quora (known to be very low censorship). Members find and follow those who share their interests. On some occasions, activists have supported one another in visibility and awareness raising efforts, although some censorship is carried out. Gab is said to have carried out more pervasive censorship of MAPs/allies, despite its supposed reputation for freedom of speech. Reports concerning Patreon are mixed, but sometimes encouraging.[10][11] Instagram is often touted as a casual hangout for girllovers, although this appears to go on outside any pretence that the platform is a true haven for MAPs.[12][13] Inspired the #Pedogram hashtag.

X (Twitter)

See also: MAP visibility on Twitter.

Twitter.com, founded in 2006, has seen above-average levels of MAP visibility for most of its lifetime. In some instances, this has been because of controversies surrounding MAP communities, researchers, and MAP sympathizers present on Twitter.com. In others, MAPs or trolls have carried out sometimes elaborate hoaxes in order to gain publicity. This is perhaps surprising, given that early on in its development, Twitter even hired a former Perverted Justice volunteer as "Trust and Safety" personnel.[14] Ultimately, Twitter.com is seen as the "purest social" in concept (an open town-square for political debate), and perhaps this is what has most attracted MAPs to the medium. Over this period, MAPs and MAP activists have faced varying levels of censorship from Twitter moderation, but continue to create new accounts.

Video Sharing

YouTube carries out a lot of censorship, but appears to have large numbers of receptive commenters for most alternative points of view. The chat threads in livestreams are sometimes used by MAPs and adjacent activists. Occasional videos from "normies" have crossed the line and led to controversies and comment thread blow-ups.

One YT alternative is FreeSpeechTube, founded (but no-longer managed) by Norbert de Jonge, a well known Dutch MAP and civil liberties activist. It has recently been re-created as a PeerTube (federated) site.

Real-time chat

Another common way of interacting with the online community is via real-time chat services such as that offered by websites such as LifeLine, linked to from BoyChat, and MSC - which is supported financially by Prostasia Foundation. Open MAP is another alternative[15], and Pedofilie (NL).[16] These communities have the advantage of permitting instant response and reaction to one's communications, with the disadvantage of being fleetingly ephemeral with regards to their content. Many MAPs host their own servers, on which chat clients can be uploaded.

Discord is a popular (proprietary) platform that allows for groups and direct chats, but since they run their own servers, censorious moderators will always take action if MAPs are identified on their platform. It should also not be relied on for any serious privacy.

Matrix is a platform that offers some privacy protections - and there are many MAP groups on this platform.

IRC, along with Usenet, was the core of the online boylove community before the rise in popularity of BL message boards.


Blogging used to be a considerable part of the minor attracted community, but a purge took place in the summer of 2007 after blogging on free platforms was widely adopted. A few individuals then banded together to form larger groups (such as ours), buying their own bandwidth and starting afresh. Others retreated to Bulletin boards. Some high-profile MAPs such as Thomas O'Carroll continue the blogging tradition.

Finding blog hosting doesn't appear to be a struggle for MAPs at this time. Wordpress is an option, but has censored even anti-c members of our community. OMC] offers the service.

Phone Messenger apps

Private messenger apps are also used. These messaging apps may have varying levels of decentralization and encryption, meaning that adoption has not been focused on any one platform known at the time of writing. Telegram - a multi-device app is one such example, and has been used by MAPs, despite concerns surrounding its security. Wickr (from Amazon) is also said to be very popular among MAPs who engage in illicit activity ("taboo" and "perv" keyphrases) - although the extent to which this is media hype is unknown. NBC carried out an "investigation" into Wickr in 2022.[17]

Email services

Again, these have varying levels of security and may or may not be used with Tor or VPNs. Tutanota and Protonmail are popular free email solutions among MAPs, as is DNMX.org.


Usenet, often simply referred to as "newsgroups" arguably spawned the predecessors of the Online MAP community. IRC was also a spawning ground of the movement as we know it today, but Usenet came first and probably had a much larger user base. Newsgroups are essentially threaded collections of messages similar to email. The messages are formatted according the NNTP protocol. Usenet is typically accessed with a specialized "newsreader" although some HTTP sites allow web access to some groups. alt.support.boy-lovers was a somewhat popular newsgroup in the mid 1990s.

Dark Web

The encrypted Dark Web is used for trading borderline or illegal material, and is thus seen as necessarily separate from the visible/clear web portion of MAP community. Encryption can give a false sense of security, with many loopholes available for the surveillance of inexperienced users - including bitcoin transactions. Law enforcement agencies have been known to set up "commercial" porn trading platforms as honey traps.

Gallery of Screencaps

Modern Social Media and offshoots

For more political/activism-oriented efforts, see MAP visibility on Twitter

Following the blogging purge of the late 00s, closure of notorious MAP communities, and various stalled or successful attempts at setting up new communities, a younger generation of MAPs first amassed on Tumblr from the early 10s until the 2018 purge detailed by MAP Wiki,[18] Prostasia Foundation and others.[7][19][20] This led to a migration to Twitter, where MAPs had always maintained a small secondary presence as explained earlier in the article. Most MAP activity on Twitter is non-political, involving friendly contact between MAPs and their allies, much of it via private accounts. There are also large numbers of accounts limited to the pursuit of MAP sexual fiction and other taboo fantasies (gooning accounts). Searching for username-accomodative URLs [e.g. twitter.com/USERNAME* (with the asterisk)] in Archive.org and Archive.is may provide you with more information:


See also MAP Movement.

Various organizations such as the largely dormant NAMBLA have existed or still do, as explained in the activism section of our article on the MAP Movement. B4U-ACT sometimes holds conferences for MAPs and Mental Heath Professionals to meet and discuss topics. "Workgroups" for peer-support have been particularly successful in Northern Europe, with many such examples having existed in the Netherlands and Germany. Frans Gieles of Ipce has a personal history of having assisted with these groups, and an excellent knowledge of their history.

See also

External links

  • Anti-c MAP Wiki - This group are collecting information from around the Tumblr era onwards - may become useful.
  • OMC's List - similar to ours, may be more geared towards younger, anti-c users (despite a large number of pro-c's in the chat, and some more reference to the Fediverse). Offers blogging services, unknown how widely available this is.
  • Prostasia - on the history of Twitter and NOMAP/Virped pioneers such as Ethan Edwards and Enderphile.


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