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Youth Attracted Person (YAP) is a sometimes-used variant of the established term Minor Attracted Person intended to repudiate the concept of Minority.

American Conservatives have identified "YAP" as an attempt to push the "normalization of pedophilia" to its "logical conclusion" following the successful spread of "MAP" within academia.[1] For them, that conclusion is namely the "abolition" of Minority itself; the death of childhood.

Publicity and development

The term has a mixed, and ambiguous history, and it is unknown when it began to be used. Nevertheless, considerable publicity was seen in 2023, and it has continued to be used on sites such as Tumblr, where is is perhaps less conspicuous and more easily assimilated than the alternative "MAP".

ZeebDemon, Elon Musk and Alice Day

"YAP" first received widespread media attention in April 2023, following an online controversy involving Twitter owner Elon Musk and ZeebDemon, a trans-woman, pro-paraphilia, Youthlib influencer.[2] ZeebDemon also published a "YAP Flag" at the same time.

What is rarely mentioned about this controversy, is that ZeebDemon was at that point not a self-identifying MAP, but a Child Sexual Abuse survivor against gaslighting and mandatory victimhood status. They had over 2000 followers[3] with a high interaction rate and made regular contributions that were at best adjacent to MAP discourse. It is therefore highly likely that Musk and Twitter's actions inadvertently recruited a sizable number of followers to the MAP Movement and alliance.

Possible prior use in trolling

Prior to this (early in 2023), it was mentioned repeatedly on the temporarily closed video networking site FreeSpeechTube.[4] Some users believe that this promotion was a hoax perpetuated by trolls from Operation Underground Railroad or other hostile actors, although this remains speculative and hard to prove. It is likely that some of the users adopting the term were trolls, although those who suggested its use might have been sincere.

It is hard to find examples of "YAP" on Pediverse prior to FST-derivative discussion of the term, but one long-time pro-c activist has stated that others were discussing it in late 2022.

Derivative of "MAA/MAP"

Researcher, Sarah Jahnke has seen the term in limited use in 2021, among her participants.[5] As early as the 00s, an online magazine and forum for MAPs (at the time MAAs - Minor Attracted Adults) used the term "Youth Attracted".

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