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The term childlove or childlover (CL) was a popular community euphemism for pedophile in the 00s and continues to be used in two senses:

  • As a label for people attracted to both prepubescent boys and girls, and
  • As a generic term for someone who may be attracted to either prepubescent boys or girls.

Popularization in the mid-00s

Some had advocated the use of the childlover label to bring the wider boylover and girllover communities together, believing that the communities have much to gain by joining forces rather than arguing their separate causes each on their own. They also believed that there are many similarities in girllove and boylove relationships, especially the fact that both types of relationship involve an adult and a minor, often a child. Others objected to the childlove label, and its use has faded somewhat in the following decades.


Some hebephiles rejected the term because teenagers are no longer "children". The term was seen as a divisive element within the communities, thus putting it at odds with its goal of unification. It was also observed that the term "love" has romantic connotations that might not describe all such attractions, and could be seen as an attempt at "sugarcoating pedophilia". Inclusive socio-legal terms such as Minor Attracted Person and Youthlover are now more popular than childlove, although the term persists as a more narrow identity for pedophiles.

Reactionary opposition

A small number of MAPs rejected the term because they believed that boylovers and girllovers had conflicting political interests. Some claimed the types of relationships with children differ; that while boylovers are interested in mentorship and friendship, girllovers are more oriented toward romance.


Various symbolism has been tied to CL identity. These included an "AmaroSymbol", proposed by AP, and later submitted to Newgon's "Flag proposal 2009".

'Childlover' in other languages

  • Quenya: hínandil
  • Sindarin: chínandil


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