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Katie Cruz (c 1994) is a korephile MAP Activist from the United States.


She joined the community in 2007, after discovering AP[1], whom she credits with helping her to accept herself. Katie has been involved with many aspects of activism over the years, posting on GirlChat, and Visions of Alice, and writing for AliceLovers Magazine. She also became active on MAP Twitter, where she preached a message of love, self-acceptance, and pride. She is a volunteer for B4U-ACT, helping as a moderator for their forum, and occasionally working behind the scenes.

Recent history

In 2022, Katie started her blog A MAP In Love[2] where she imported her previous written work, and continues to update the blog regularly. Her posts usually touch on MAP philosophy, activism, and the positive relationship she had with Lucy, and her grief when the relationship ended.

In late 2022, amidst health issues, Katie started preaching a message of community, encouraging people to come together. With nothing to lose, Katie decided to make herself more visible to the community, which also attracted the attention of antis. An anti by the name of Seara Adair started creating TikTok videos alleging that Katie is a predator and attempting to out her. In response, Katie removed the testimony of her relationship with Lucy from her blog.

Katie continues preaching a message of love, self-acceptance, pride, and community, while maintaining a presence on the Pediverse, as well as many forums and MAP spaces[3].

Merchandise project

In 2023, Katie started a "love project" called MAP Merch Shop[4], to help minor-attracted people show pride in their orientation, with curated MAP-themed products, as well as to encourage activism among MAPs.

There have been various attempts to scandalize the venture within the right-wing and feminist media, however these have not led to permanent closure of the project.