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Kinky Kids

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"Kinky Kids" refers to minors who are interested in kinky or fetishistic forms of sexual expression, and are thus expressing "deviant" desires.

The term can also be applied to an adjacency-enabled social change dynamic, or some would say "strategy", in which the voluntary participation of some youth and children in diverse and marginalized forms of sexual expression leads to the eventual social and legal enshrinement of their voluntary rights to a sex life in general.

In an unpublished paper on MAP rights and politics, a founder of Newgon defined it as so:

One possible way of accelerating social change involves "Kinky Kids". It can be claimed within the area of highly marginalized sexualities, that children and youth so inclined are uniquely in need of value-neutral information, advice and guidance. Therefore, a public-health argument might be made that if kids are "doing it already", it falls upon experienced adults to give guidance - even hands-on instruction to protect the best interests and developing identities of kinky kids - minors who are inclined towards kink. Not only to encourage their development, but to protect their physical safety and acknowledge their vulnerability to social stigma.

Once we have accepted that children and youth can and do have deviant desires and engage in sexual fetishism under the necessary guidance of adults, we are then begging the question as to why young people should not indeed be permitted voluntary sexual rights.


A now-famous quote that asserts the potential kinkiness of girls

Minors who experiment with sexual kinks and fetishes have not so-far been covered in the research literature due to ethical concerns.

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Numerous articles on NewgonWiki concern themselves with the idea that young sexualities are only permitted to be discussed within the context of safeguarding, sexualization and Child Sexual Abuse.


There are many examples from the modern pride movement, of young people exploring kink, with some degree of older-adult guidance. Within American society, highly-involved social conservatives and radical feminists also point to the widely-accepted phenomena of LGBT Youth and Transgender Youth as "trojan horses" for the "normalization" of "degeneracy".