We have been made aware of the fact that Yesmap's (now disabled) Matrix server was entered under false pretenses by the hostile editor of a supposed "MAP" website some months ago. While some screenshots/logs have been shared (including those of members suffering from mental-health and legal problems), no personally identifying information has been leaked. We are currently compiling a dossier of malicious and criminal activity we believe the publishers of this website are responsible for, and will soon publish and promote it.


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A Transage Flag: The most widely accepted symbol of Transage people

Transage is a term used since the late 00s[1] to describe people who feel that their internal age does not match their chronological age, and subsequently identify as such.[2] Some transage people have a fluid age identity, sometimes termed "agefluid", although this is sometimes used with the Transage concept in hoaxes, for example, "clovergender". There exist self-explanatory subcategories such as Older-to-younger (OTY) and Younger-to-older (YTO). A Transage Flag is also documented.[3]

Transage communities have a tortured history with MAPs, and some transage identities have been constructed specifically to exclude them.[4] Nevertheless, the overlap with MAPs is considerable, as evidenced by the number of transage people who feel comfortable and accepted in the Pediverse. Both OTY and YTO identities have been seen as problematic by conservatives, in that they might theoretically allow individuals to skirt around Age of Consent laws, as in the example of an 11 year old girl identifying as a 31 year old woman with a 40 year old boyfriend. In 2024, a conservative feminist organization mentioned the transage identity of an activist when attempting to shame her.[5]

There have existed precedents, described as somewhat similar to Transage identities, Puer aeternus, Peter Pan, Kidult and the Young fogey among them.

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Transage-MAP mixing is usually dependent upon the personal views of the transage person

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Transage discourse can be found on Twitter, Tumblr and Mastodon in particular.