We have been made aware of the fact that Yesmap's (now disabled) Matrix server was entered under false pretenses by the hostile editor of a supposed "MAP" website some months ago. While some screenshots/logs have been shared (including those of members suffering from mental-health and legal problems), no personally identifying information has been leaked. We are currently compiling a dossier of malicious and criminal activity we believe the publishers of this website are responsible for, and will soon publish and promote it.

Validity Policing

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Social Media Validity Policing (commonly referred to as Validity Discourse since 2018) is a trend of conspicuous and dedicated politicized and personalized agitation against an individual because of their (deemed "invalid") identity. It has a significant crossover with cringe culture[1] and often takes the form of "calling out campaigns" initiated (mainly) by other sexual minorities, including LGBT+. Some anti-pedophiles and anti-zoophiles for example, attempt to reinforce their position within the modern LGBTQ+ movement by expressing their disapproval towards supposed attempts by others to join. In reality, however, these are often attempts to exclude LGBTQ+ people who posess other characteristics the anti finds objectionable. Kevin Spacey and the reaction to his coming out, is one prominent example of validity policing.[2]

Validity policing is somewhat distinct from vigilantism due to its community-wide, disorganized nature.

Individual motivations

Sometimes referred to as "validity sadists", these individuals typically set up alt-accounts to attack MAPs, Zoophiles and sometimes Lolicons (all, seemingly regardless of contact-stance). Validity policing uses the highly questionable "identity validity" hypothesis to exclude selected sexual minorities to the benefit of others, while maintaining pretenses of social justice. This self-appointed policing has been particularly visible on Twitter.com, where there are highly ambiguous rules against MAP Advocacy, resulting in wild-west mass-reporting campaigns.

It can be assumed that much of the activity classified as validity policing is the result of projection and reaction-formation, as well as personal insecurity among minorities who may feel they are at risk of ostracism. Many such actors are in their teens and early 20s, and have been pursued by antis of various sorts who attack their own communities. They are typically of middle-intelligence (thus not seeing the hypocrisy of becoming an anti), and are in the process of forming their own social identities. Validity sadists are typically overinvested in social media and the unhealthy values of externally-derived self-worth it promotes. They may include:

  • The Anime and Lolisho community - see Lolicon-MAP Equivalence Debate. So-called "pro-fiction" or "proshippers". This community is far from socially accepted, including by the LGBT movement, meaning that they engage in often comical attempts at self-validation.
  • Furries, attempting to distance Zoophiles. This is a common Zoo-analogy for the above Lolicon-MAP trend.
  • Trans and nonbinary (NB) people. Fear of ostracism, and fear caused by adjacency of trans and nonbinary MAPs are pertinent themes here.
  • "Reformed" anti-contact MAPs and Zoophiles. Insecurity/projection is highly indicated in these instances.
  • Roleplayers of various sorts, including age-regressors (agere).
  • People within eating-disorder (ED) circles.
  • Suspect attempts by antis to present a "pro-recovery" "safe space" for those who intend to treat their pedophilia or zoophilia as a mental illness.
  • Hardcore, old-school pedophile-hunters who pose to varying degrees as disinterested parties on social media.


Validity Discourse

There are many examples of LGBT validity-policing campaigns against MAPs, going right back to NOMAPs such as Enderphile. Examples from late 2021 include Sappho (a Zoophile with minor followers who came out as a MAP, and then supposedly entered a psych-ward after being attacked online), Lecter (a well-known anti-contact MAP personality), and the example of a seemingly anti-contact, out trans MAP who posted openly for some time, and was then "ratioed" by members of her own community.

There have also been unsubstantiated claims that a 14-year old female Zoophile (sephlez) has taken her own life after a campaign of harassment led to her posting self-harm images. The anti-Zoophile accounts who had hounded her were quick to blame the older Zoophiles for seducing her.

Questioning the identity validity hypothesis

For our full treatment, see Debate Guide: MAPs are invalid.

This system of thought is easily deconstructed as an SJW re-hash of the 1980s respectability politics and shaming/boycotting campaigns embraced by the religious-right moral majority. Similar rhetorical strategies were also used by the Nazis against Homosexuals and Jews[3], resulting in the deployment of carceral psychiatry, even in the postwar era. The cynical aim of the identity validity hypothesis is therefore to provide a framework for the erasure of select minorities by more powerful or state/corporate-assimilated minorities.

The philosophy is hard to engage with because heavily invested people treat it like a religion, whilst also viewing themselves as victims of "the man", or "bigots" who seek to conflate them with less desirable minorities. Nevertheless, identity validity is hypocritical on a number of grounds - especially the claim that chronophilias are invalid sexualities, because "age is not a gender":

  • What makes gender preference a valid determinant of sexuality? Identitarian validity sadists should be pressed for an answer that is not normative. They must also be asked if they believe that gender is socially constructed and what this spells for the validity of sexualities based solely around gender. If they claim that pedophilia is a mental illness and therefore invalid, they should be congratulated on confirming that pedophiles are entitled to care, respect, protection, social interaction and safe spaces. After all, a good LGBT person must surely not be an ableist or supporter of the carceral psychiatry that was used against their own people.
  • Homosexuality has been age structured throughout history. Normative, modern-day teleio-homosexuals would be invalid by most classical standards, as they date exclusively within their own adult age group. However, in reality, opposites attract. Modern homosexuals take differing roles indicative of the age gap in classical pederasty, often explicitly power structuring their sexual lives. For more examples of hypocrisy, see historical examples of LGBT-MAP unity.
  • Usually, people who make the invalidity argument also believe in the myth of corresponding age attraction among children/youth. They will assume this flawed hypothesis when trying to defend youth-on-youth sexual activity and attractions as "normative" compared to minor-adult relations. So, if by their own admission, normative age preference fluidity exists, non-normative variation in such preferences must also exist. Homosexuality, they would argue is an alternative to opposite gender attractions, so why can't intergenerational attractions be an alternative to teleiophilic ones?
  • We have for a long time referred to pedophiles, even positively/neutrally to men who chase cougars and milfs, and female cradle-snatchers. So why other than politics, are we suddenly panicked over the classification of MAPs as a sexual minority?

Telling examples

Surprisingly, US lawmakers seem to have a far higher opinion of animal porn than hebephilic youth erotica

Validity-sadists seem to operate unaware of the fact that it is often easier to run a social media account as a Zoophile than as a Hebephile, despite the prevalence and historical normativity of the latter. This can be raised as a telling example of how the identity validity scheme is based upon envy and political expediency as opposed to a properly developed model of social justice. Often the best way to question these arguments is to attack the underpinning philosophical framework - something SJWs and Wokists take a lot of pride in.

Methods used

  • Calling-out of MAP and Zoophile e-celebs (300-1000+ followers) - usually focusing on their interactions with minors or other "invalidated" groups. "Inappropriate" behaviors are identified, although there is no clear, identifiable trend as to what is considered inappropriate.
  • Mass-reporting campaigns and mass-unfollow campaigns are used as a form of psychological warfare (eroding a personality's influence and connections).
  • Unfounded accusations - These are usually made towards activists and anybody who comes close to opposing anti-youth LGBT orthodoxy. Common labels are "pedophile" and "predator". We have even seen the alt-right term "degenerate" used by SJWs who have undergone a psychological triggering so profound that they have momentarily taken leave of their senses.
  • Violent and threatening rhetoric. Even among supposedly social-justice aware members of the LGBT community, it is not unusual to see promotion of/calls to violence, or violent fantasies. It has to be mentioned that many of these individuals are seething with their own insecurity.

"Queer" policing

Some activity has taken place around policing of the term "queer", within the full LGBTQIA+ (etc) alphabet. While social media MAPs are generally unwilling to agitate for inclusion within the LGBT movement, they often question the "queer" category by suggesting that not only can MAPs be queer in a variety of ways (gay, trans), but that they must, by virtue of their problematic history and present predicament, be queer. Queer Theory is also suggested by MAPs and mainstream Conservatives alike as the foundation for a theoretical re-appraisal of the 1990s rejection of MAPs from the LGBT movement. Indeed, many of the principal figures of Queer Theory have already made arguments concerning MAPs, or as in the case of Michel Foucault are said to have practised intergenerational relations themselves.[4][5] What exactly is "queer" if it does not refer to identities deemed invalid in past and present struggles, and regardless of success?

Quotes that contest "Queer" essentialism

Scott De Orio:

"I am defining “queer” in a historical way as the set of non-harmful modes of non-normative sexual and gender expression that sexual liberation and gay activists tried to legalize but got left behind and re-criminalized by the new war on sex offenders."[6]

David Halperin:

"Unlike gay identity, which, though deliberately proclaimed in an act of affirmation, is nonetheless rooted in the positive fact of homosexual object-choice, queer identity need not be grounded in any positive truth or in any stable reality. As the very word implies, "queer" does not name some natural kind or refer to some determinate object; it acquires its meaning from its oppositional relation to the norm. Queer is by definition whatever is at odds with the normal, the legitimate, the dominant. There is nothing in particular to which it necessarily refers. It is an identity without an essence. "Queer," them, demarcates not a positivity but a positinality vis-a-vis the normative--a positionality that is not restricted to lesbians and gay men but is in fact available to anyone who is or who feels marginalized because of her or his sexual practices: it could include some married couples without children, for example. . . . "Queer," in any case, does not designate a class of already objectified pathologies or perversions; rather, it describes a horizon of possibility whose precise extent and heterogeneous scope cannot in principle be delimited in advance. It is from the eccentric positionality occupied by the queer subject that it may become possible to envision a variety of possibilities for reordering the relations among sexual behaviors, erotic identities, constructions of gender, forms of knowledge, regimes of enunciation, logics of representation, modes of self-constitution, and practices of community--for restructuring, that is, the relations among power, truth, and desire."[7]

It is usually maintained that "queerness" is an identity that is open to all, however, it can be "worn badly", depending upon the standpoint of the person identifying as queer. It is generally assimilated, western minorities who attempt to gatekeep "queer" identity. They do this by speaking from a position of devolved state and corporate power, rather than a genuine position of queerness, as was the case for their predecessors. This has, of course included attempts to deny that MAPs can be queer.



  • DNI (do not interact) - as in "MAPs" or "Minors DNI" - the standard tag used to distance other minorities deemed to be "invalid" or a legal risk. Anarchists and other supposed freedom-fighters are often ridiculed for using these tags in their bios - since they appear give assent to state/corporate classism by distancing subjugated groups.
  • "Child/age is not a gender".

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