We have been made aware of the fact that Yesmap's (now disabled) Matrix server was entered under false pretenses by the hostile editor of a supposed "MAP" website some months ago. While some screenshots/logs have been shared (including those of members suffering from mental-health and legal problems), no personally identifying information has been leaked. We are currently compiling a dossier of malicious and criminal activity we believe the publishers of this website are responsible for, and will soon publish and promote it.


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NOMAP (Non-Offending Minor Attracted Person) and ACNOMAP (which specifies Anti-contact) are forks of the term Minor Attracted Person (MAP), used to elaborate that the user is non-offending and/or fundamentally opposed to the idea of minor-adult sex.[1] Those who use these terms are motivated by a sense of obligation to state upfront their refusal to engage in unlawful sex with a minor or use child pornography/other prohibited materials where they are illegal. The term NOMAP is essentially used as a synonym for anti-contact (anti-c), even though research from Bailey (2016) and others such as Jahnke[2] appears to indicate that just as high a proportion of pro-c MAPs are non-offending. Many NOMAPs advocate the use of drawn erotica or sex-dolls, because they feel that using them helps support a non-offending lifestyle. Prostasia Foundation are one charity who have published articles on the topic of dolls and fictional substitute material.

This term is thought[3] to have gained in popularity during 2018 alongside the term MAP, during the social-media enabled MAP Flag controversy. NOMAP attracts media attention across the political spectrum, particularly among American Conservatives, as it invokes the prospect of social justice entryism.[4][5][6]

"NOMAP" has been criticized by some (particularly first-wave and early second-wave) MAP activists and allies, who refuse to accept a burden of proof on their behavior and deem it to have orwellian, medico-legal overtones.[7][8][9] Other pro-c MAPs embrace a literalistic interpretation of the term, as part their nonoffending lifestyles.

Anti-c/NOMAP/ACNOMAP Ideology

While the terms "anti-contact" and "NOMAP" clearly mean different things, they have been combined by some anti-contact NOMAPs into a new acronym, ACNOMAP. NOMAP/ACNOMAP ideology (regardless of strategic and ideological disagreements between anti-contact MAPs) tends to focus on a few set themes.

Political: Destigmatization and Accuracy

The predominant theme in social-political ACNOMAP ideology is destigmatization, which is focussed on to the exclusion of other themes embraced by pro-c MAPs and Allies. You can find examples of a destigmatization information scheme on NewgonWiki - for example, in the research sections devoted to pedophilia as an orientation, and "NOMAP" tagged Memes and Graphics. ANU (the first website to repeatedly refer to Minor Attracted People and a predecessor to Newgon) was an early example of a team blog devoted to accuracy and destigmatization. ANU was, albeit, a pre-NOMAP website, and did not exclude pro-c members.

Peer-support: Medicalism

NOMAPs and ACNOMAPs embrace medicalism to varying degrees - that is to say, some ACNOMAPs, particularly those with a pedophilic Age of attraction, believe that they are suffering from a psychological disorder, or have internalized a diagnosis of pedophilic disorder. The medicalism present within anti-contact NOMAP circles has been compared to Transmedicalism, in that dysphoria/dystonic personality features are sometimes seen as necessary to the identity. On the other hand, working towards ego-syntonic self-concept as a MAP may be deprioritized by individuals who perceive themselves as being engaged in an internal struggle, just as much as a social one.

Various terms such as "Mapmed(icalism)" and "Pedmed" have been spontaneously coined to refer to medicalist MAPs, although they have not yet been widely adopted.[10] Virtuous Pedophiles founder, Ethan Edwards argues that his pedophilia can be defined as a disorder and/or orientation, depending upon the context.[11]

"Imminent Failure of NOMAP Ideology" reasons listed (FreeSpeechTube). We welcome counter-arguments to the above.

Gateway hypothesis

There are varying takes on the merits and long-term survivability of NOMAP/ACNOMAP ideology, and whether or not it eventually leads to pro-c beliefs. Some MAPs and Allies argue, that while lacking in scientific merit, NOMAP ideology is one necessary part of a larger, credible movement. Older MAPs from predominantly pro-c communities such as BoyChat tend to be dismissive towards this argument, refusing to grant NOMAP ideology any strategic credibility.

NOMAP-aligned organizations

  • B4U-ACT - Is a service provider for Non-Offending MAPs. Their platform is NOMAP compatible, however the organization does not take an official anti-contact position.
  • Virtuous Pedophiles - Is an explicitly ACNOMAP/Medicalist organization.
  • Prostasia Foundation - Technically, this is a charity that provides services to MAPs and not a MAP organization.

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