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Archives of Sexual Behavior is a scholarly journal and the official publication of the International Academy of Sex Research, founded by Richard Green. It is dedicated to the dissemination of information in the field of sexual science, broadly defined. It publishes (six times a year) articles from several disciplines including medicine, law, psychology, sociology, biology and history in the format of empirical reports (quantitative and qualitative), theoretical reviews and essays, literature reviews, methodological articles, clinical case reports, letters to the editor and book reviews.

Over the years, Archives of Sexual Behavior has published many scholarly articles that considered topics like homosexuality, pedophilia and boylove in a careful manner. Among those include Ames & Houston's article on the legal, social, and biological definitions of pedophilia (1990), Okami's research on child and adolescent sexual experiences with older persons (1991)[1], Bauserman & Rind's review of nonclinical literature of male child and adolescent sexual experiences with adults (1997),[2] an excellent overwiew of the current misinformation regarding sex between men and boys by Donald West (1998),[3] Graupner's comparative survey of the Age of Consent (2000), Rind's study of gay and bisexual adolescent boys' sexual experiences with men (2001)[4] and others.[5] The December 2002 issue had a special section with an interesting discussion on whether pedophilia should be considered a mental disorder.

Later issues after Ken Zucker took over as Editor from Richard Green, include Malon's comparison between CSA and the anti-masturbation crusade of the past (2010),[6], as well as his philosophical critique of consequentialist ("harm") based arguments against intergenerational sex (2015);[7] Diamond's study which showed that in all countries where child pornography had been decriminalized, the incidence of sex crimes involving children went down (2011),[8]; Michael Seto's argument for Pedophilia constituting a sexual orientation (2012);[9] Jahnke's path-breaking study of stigmatization of 'people with pedophilia' (2015).[10], and Bruce Rind's nationally representative study of positively recalled age-disparate sex among Republic of Ireland adults (2020),[11] and secondary analysis of the largest non-retrospective community sample data set which examined the full range of minor-older sexual experiences (2022).[12]

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