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Theo Sandfort

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Theo Sandfort (in full, Theodorus G.M. Sandfort) is, since 2001, a research scientist at the HIV center for clinical and behavioral Studies, and is associate professor of clinical sociomedical sciences in psychiatry, Columbia University. Trained as a social psychologist, before joining the center, he was a tenured Associate Professor at the Department of Clinical Psychology at Utrecht University, the Netherlands, and later the Chairman of the Interfaculty Department of Lesbian and Gay Studies at Utrecht University. He was Director of the Research Program “Diversity, Lifestyles and Health”, at the Netherlands Institute of Social Sexological Research (NISSO). Dr. Sandfort is / was on the Editorial Board of several academic journals, including Archives of Sexual Behavior, Ken Plummer's Sexualities, and Paidika. He served as President of the the International Academy of Sex Research and the Dutch Society of Sexology and, in 2008, received the John Money Award from the Society of the Scientific Study of Sexuality for his research work.

Among MAPs, AAMs and their allies, Sandfort is known for his research on man/boy sexual relationships and early childhood sexuality. While a lecturer in psychology at the State University of Utrecht in the Netherlands, he interviewed 25 young males ranging in age from 10 to 16 who were currently involved in sexual relationships with legally defined adult men, and published various reports of the interviews. For a summary of Sandfort's research and response to his critics, see: Robert Bauserman, Objectivity and Ideology Criticism of Theo Sandfort’s Research on Man-Boy Sexual Relations,[1] in Journal of Homosexuality, vol. 20, (1990). Sandfort also reported on Intergenerational Lesbianism and interviewed a female MAP, as part of Paidika's Special Women's Issue.[2]

In 2021, as reported by Thomas O'Carroll,[3] Sandfort was "cancelled" over renewed attention to his past research. An incendiary topic, The New York Times[4] among other outlets spotlighted and debated the research and its merits. As a result of publicity, Sandfort was removed from his then work project after the local Administration for Children’s Services (ACS) announced that it had "severed all ties" with Dr. Sandfort. After this brief cancellation, it appears that Sandfort has continued to secure/retain employment, conduct research, and participate in other projects.

Selected publications [in English]

  • Sandfort, T. (1994). "The Sexual Experiences of Children". Paidika. 3 (2).

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